The end of the line for Walsall Wood in 1928

It’s always good to hear from old friends of the blog and it’s been too long since we heard from the Wild Man of Clayhanger Marsh himself, Chaz Mason – Chaz wrote the Clayhanger Marsh wildlife blog (Latterly the Mind of the Antisocial Birder) which recently, he closed, a matter of great sadness to me, as I’ve been a reader for most of the time I’ve been writing the Brownhills Blog.

I do, however, understand Chaz’s reasons for chucking in the towel, and I wish him well in the future. He really is a top bloke of whom I’m particularly fond.

It seems independent voices in Walsall are getting thinner and thinner on the ground.

Any road up, Chaz has made a rather wonderful discovery, which I know the bus and transport fans will love. I’ll let him explain:

Rushall Square, 31st March 1928 and one of the last trams ever to run to Walsall Wood trundles past the George and Dragon pub. Image kindly shared by Chaz Mason.

Hi mate, hope you are well (been a while)?

I just thought that I would share something that might be of interest
to your blog regulars, I have long had an interest in the Walsall
Corporation Tramways that operated until 1933 and whenever I come
across anything on e-bay relating to this, I always have a go, be it
Tickets, buttons, photos etc.

Last week I made an offer for three photos of Walsall Trams, one on
the Bridge in the town centre, one at Darlaston and one at a site I
couldn’t recognise. They arrived today and I was astonished to find
that the Photograph of Tram #24 was taken at ‘Rushall Square’. That
was interesting enough but the photo is dated 31/03/1928, the last day
of tram operation to Walsall Wood. What a find eh?

Anyway, I don’t have a scanner but have carefully photographed the
images and they are attached so feel free to use them if you have a
slow news day.

All the best that man – C

Chaz Mason
Clayhanger, West Midlands

The reverse of the photo. Ihave a feeling I’ve seen that handwriting before… Image generously donated by Chaz Mason.

I’d like to thank Chaz for such a wonderful donation, and it’s startling to think that there cannot be many people left who actually remember this sercvice running at all.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen this picture before – if you have any memories, or anything at all you’d like to add, please feel free – you know the drill by now – comment here, shout me on social media or send me an email: BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Thanks.

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