A handy advance

The advanced party… These boys helped to put the tents up. But who are they? Image kindly supplied by Grahame Taylor via David Evans. Please click for a larger version.

Thanks to generosity of reader Grahame Taylor, David Evans has sent a couple of what are thought to be 1950s photographs of Walsall Wood Boys Brigade at summer camp in Abergele.

This sit well alongside similar images of the Brigade supplied by Tony Portman previously, and other historical images featured here over the years on the blog.

David Evans wrote:

Hello Bob

Walsall Wood Boys Brigade… The summer camp, post-war.

Believed to be taken in 1950/51, and at the second annual camp, held at Abergele, instead of  the planned  visit to the Isle of Wight.

Please can readers add names to the faces and confirm or correct the date and location?

I understand that Mr Ernie Bullock founded the Walsall Wood troupe, possibly in 1948, and was succeeded by Mr Jim Smith… Can readers please confirm this?

My thanks are extended to Mr Grahame Taylor for offering these images.


Cheers to Grahame Taylor for a wonderful pair of photos – so evocative of the time. I feel sure they will provoke much discussion! Also my thanks to David, as every, for gathering such wonderful history for us all.

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Walsall Wood’s Boys Brigade at camp in the early 1950s – Image kindly supplied by Grahame Taylor via David Evans. Please click for a larger version.

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3 Responses to A handy advance

  1. Dave (Eddy) Edwards says:

    I think Ken Whitehouse before Jim Smith

  2. Ray Share says:

    Yes ken whitehouse from the gents Taylor’s in the high street

  3. andyropes7 says:

    Wonder if Ivor Osborne recognises any?
    I’ll ask him

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