Please keep an eye out for a lost identity bracelet

B&M on Northgate is a popular store – have you found a ladies’ identity bracelet here, please? Image from Apple Maps.

Old friend of the blog Jenny Parry has been in touch yesterday (Friday, 6th July 2018) to ask if I would share the following somewhat sad appeal – she has lost a treasured identity bracelet either in.or around B&M on Northgate, or somewhere around Brownhills.

Jenny said:

Hi all

I wonder if you could ask if anyone has found a ladies identity bracelet?

It was lost either at B&M at Walsall Wood (Northgate) or somewhere around Brownhills a week ago (that’s last Friday, 29th June 2018).

The bracelet has the name Jenny on the front with an inscription on the back from my husband Bill.

Have tried every other way to find it this is my last hope.

Jenny Parry

Please keep an eye out, and if you find it, please either contact Jenny Parry directly via Facebook here, comment on this post or mail me: Brownhillsbob at Googlemail dot com. Cheers all.

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