1750, Tithes and all that

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Here’s a quick one for David Evans – he’s been discussing the 1750 Walsall Wood Tithe Map on Facebook, and has sent be better images to feature here in a gallery to make them easier to study.

Of course I’m happy to do this. David asked:

Hi Bob

A request has come to me via the wonderful Up Da Wood Facebook group, for clear images of the 1750 Walsall Wood Tithe plan/map which I am pleased to be able to send to you, with the request that, if possible, they may be published on your blog at some date.

I understand that the plan shows roughly where plots liable to tithes, and their owners, were located.

My thanks to Bill Mayo in making it possible to share this.

kind regards
David Evans

Thanks to David for the images, and there’s plenty here for local historians to get their teeth into – so fill your boots. My thanks to David and of course Bill Mayo who made this possible.

See anything interesting? Comment here or mail me: BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Thanks.

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3 Responses to 1750, Tithes and all that

  1. David Evans says:

    Hi Bob
    very many thanks for posting these images.
    To start the ball rolling……
    Bunnils Leasow…one name that may cause a stir….!
    Rand.xxxxxx is….Reverend xxxxx…..?
    Wid…widow…still responsible and owning late hubby’s land…….
    were the plots owned or settled by peasants …
    see Rowe..especially at Streets Corner……..
    See Iron Dish



  2. Brian Edwards says:

    The name Paul Battison is possibly a link to Horace Battison who was the landlord of The Four Crosses in Shelfield which in of itself was also a smithy. Paul Battison was Horace’s son who was a barber owning a shop opposite and near the Wheel Inn back in the late sixties.

  3. Brian Edwards says:

    Just spotted another name William Jordan to the left of the iron dish. This is most possibly the farm that sat on Lichfield road opposite the park entrance. Smacka Jordan as he was known sold up in the mid sixties and bought a pub in Carno Wales. He had a son John who always road a white horse and dressed as a cowboy in Shelfield carnival’s. The Pub in Carno is now a home. I have a wonderful story about this place that I will write to you at a later time. By the way the Creswell family are still in Shelfield; I knew part of this family that lived on New Street in the terraced homes back in the fifties and sixties before moving to Green Lane.

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