The boat that they rowed – how about some Shire Oak and Walsall Wood Youth Club memories?

Sue Mason said ‘This is another photo from Walsall wood youth club Aprox 1972ish. The youth club as I remember was given this boat and the plan was that the members would work on it and get it sea worthy… I don’t remember that ever happening! But a great photo again from the Walsall Observer… Can anyone remember all the names I’m having a good think 🤔 I’m happy for people to share.’

Here are a couple of wonderful photos from Walsall Wood Youth Club in the late 60s and early 70s that local lady Sue Mason recently posted to old pal Janey Hatfield’s brilliant, growing Walsall Wood group on Facebook, where Sue also posted a request for ex-Shire Oak pupils who might like to attend regular meet-ups in the village.

Sue said:

Is it possible to post on here our Saga Louts/Shire Oak oldies meet ups that we have every few months?

We are all ex pupils of Shire Oak circa 1968 ish around the ages of 50-65

We meet up at the Royal Exchange Walsall wood and our next one is Friday evening July 20th 2018.

We have quite a few regulars would be lovely to see some newbies 👍

Hope that’s ok xxx

Sue has allowed me to share her brilliant images here too, for which I’m very grateful – do you recognise anyone or have any memories of these times? Please do comment here or mail me – BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com.

Of course if you want to jog your memory about that lost youth club, David Evans posted a fantastic photo-tour of the building a couple of years ago which you can see here.

I also like to again give a headsup for Janey Hatfield’s Walsall Wood Facebook group that’s centred around (but by no means limited to) memories of Walsall Wood.

It’s a busy, well moderated group with lots of members and lots of interesting images posted including these here. There’s always great discussion going on there, in a warm, funny and relaxed atmosphere.

You can check out ‘We are The Wood…’ by clicking here you’ll need to join up but once in, it’s great..

Please do pop along and check the group out – it’s a fine place and if you’re a resident of The Wood, or just remember it fondly, it’s a great place to check out and shoot the breeze.

Sue Mason said ‘This is a photo of Walsall wood youth club Aprox 1969 – our theme was ‘Hillbillies’ but most of us just wore our Ben Sherman checked shirts and Levis (had to look cool 😎) It was for Brownhills Carnival … I can name quite a few …but please feel free to share I’m ok with it!’

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