Golden years

A forty year old lineup: Where are these Wood footballers now? Click for a larger version. Images and scans in this post courtesy of David Evans.

Here’s one I’m very surprised that the young David Evans hasn’t murdered me for neglecting – I’ve this for ages  (since last Christmas, in fact) but not found time to assemble it and prep it for the blog, but now seems like as good a time as any – and it’s a cracking bit of Walsall Wood history.

I have pleasure in sharing the Walsall Wood Football Club Golden Jubilee Brochure, from the 1977-1978 season – and in-between then and now as League Champions. the club went through some very tough times so it’s remarkable they survived.

I believe the history of the club actually goes a lot further back than 1928, but is largely lost in the mists of time: However in 1978 it was acknowledged to be 50 years old and the brochure is a thing of wonder, with lots of details and photos of team lineups, the youth team and more.

You can click on any page in the gallery below, or download a searchable PDF version by clicking here.

I have no idea where David found this gem but it’s really wonderful – and sure to bring back lots of memories. My thanks to David for being so very patient and for sharing a really great thing, as ever. Our shared history would be much the poorer were it not for David. And of course his patience with my tardiness…

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  1. David Evans says:

    cheers Bob and many thanks for putting this on the blog..Good things are always worth the wait and this booklet is a peach!
    I think there is one historical error….I did try to find any original notes used to creat the booklet i, without fail.The footballers’ first ground was behind the Horse and Jockey pub..source, the landlord Jockey Joe Blakemore’s son,Dennis, and was share with th cricket club until they moved , post ww2 to their ground behind the church, bu which time the bowls and tennis had moved to Oak Park extension during the war years I dont think they played on the “co op sports ground.”which may have been behind the church..see 1926 photo..but moved to their present ground in what became Oak Park when the playing field, and later, the bowling greens were added.
    Over the recent years there has been discussion, and mis information concerning the football club. With Pedro Cutlers fabulous research, help from Graham Cresswell, Billy Mayo, Denniss Blakemore and others, I think we jave a clearer picture
    Bob, again my sincere personal thanks for all..all you do on your exceptional blog…
    kind regards

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