Green Lane closed for emergency sewer repairs – It’s a tough jobbie but someone’s gotta do it

Tankers are currently hoovering sludge out of the sewers in Green Lane just outside the waterworks entrance.

Just a quick note for those if might affect: The section of Green Lane Walsall Wood between the end of the houses by the Black Cock pub and the water works entrance is currently completely closed to through traffic, and has been since yesterday (Monday 18th June2018) due to emergency sewer repairs.

A sewage feeder or main appears to be blocked or collapsed, and the road is closed to permit suction tankers pumping raw sewage out of the line  and discharging in manually. These is a continual operation carried out by several tankers in relay.

The road is therefore closed to allow the operation to continue, and also to facilitate getting plant on site to effect a repair.

The job is the responsibility of Severn Trent Water, who handle our sewage (yuck!) but Walsall Council issued the following statement:

Please be aware that Green Lane Is Walsall Wood Is currently closed between the junctions of Mob Lane and Oakwood Close whilst a contractor working on behalf of Severn Trent Water undertakes emergency sewer repairs.

Signed diversion routes are in operation for affected traffic using Green Lane, Mill Road, A461 Lichfield Road, A461 Walsall Road and Hall Lane and vice versa.

Access to adjacent properties will be maintained wherever it is safe and possible to do and adjacent businesses will be open and trading as usual throughout the duration of work.

This is a live incident and unexpected, so it’s unclear how long the closure will stay in place; but be warned – at the moment there is absolutely no through road from Walsall Wood to Shelfield along Green Lane and vice versa.

This will obviously cause ongoing traffic disturbance, particularly for the school run. Please be patient; all adjoing roads and businesses are open and the signed diversion is via the A461 Lichfield Road.

Whilst I can understand the irritation this situation will cause, please remember these are dedicated folk working to fix a problem with our sewerage. Without them we’d probably be knee deep in sewage right now. Please be respectful to those doing the job.

Comments or observations? Comment here or mail me: BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Don’t be a tanker. Thanks.

These machines need room to operate, and for workers to move around, so Green Lane is closed to all through traffic.

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