A personal message to the Walsall Wood Faithful, from Lynn Shaw

Mrs Lynn Shaw presenting the Bill Shaw award. Image Kindly supplied by David Evans.

I have a message from Lynn Shaw, which I suppose belonged in this weekend’s football match report, but it feels better to have it as a separate post – Lynn has a message for all at Walsall Wood Football Club and to the fans and faithful, who held her late husband, Bill in such high regard.

Hi Bob,

Hope you are well.

I went to Walsall Wood FC yesterday, Justin had asked if I could be there as they were having the League Trophy presented after the game.

Jonathan, one of the youth team managers met me when I first arrived and asked if I could do him a favour. He had spoken to Justin before organising a special trophy and shield in Bill’s honour to be awarded to a nominated young player for services to the club and community.

It is to be called the ‘Bill Shaw Award’ and he asked if I would present it at halftime, which I duly did with a few tears. Bill would have been humbled and honoured at the tribute.

It is a bittersweet weekend for me, yesterday was sad without him but a good day and it is 47 years today that I first met Bill.  He was not the romantic sort of person, but he never forgot the day we met, my birthday or our wedding anniversary.

I have a date for scattering Bill’s ashes at the end dedicated to him too, it is 26th May 6.30/7.00 pm. Justin is organising food etc., and just needs to know who and how many would like to attend, I know a few people have asked about it as they couldn’t make the funeral.

Sorry, I forgot to add there will be a memory book there too if anyone would like to add any comments.

We still have 3 games left to play I believe, so keep supporting a great football club. F.T.G.O.T.W.


Lynn. xx

Thanks to Lynn for the email, all the readers and fans will appreciate it very much. I miss Bill’s reports as we all do and nobody could ever do what he did with such dedication and passion. Bill was a true gentleman and will be sorely missed.

Best wishes to you Lynn, and thank you.

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