Howdley Doody?

Howdles Lane today, via the magic of Apple Maps. But where was Doody’s? Click for a larger version.

A really quick question that a reader raised in the week I’m having trouble finding anything out about, so if readers can help that’s be really wonderful.

The question is this: Do you know anything about a club that used to be on Howdles Lane (said to be ‘in the dip’) called The Castle Club, or Doody’s?

I’ve heard the name Doody’s before. What period was the club operating in, what was it (was it a Working Mens Club, a non-political or what?) – and what would be really good is memories of pictures.

I’m hoping Andy ‘Cap’n Ahab’ Dennis may have some input here.

Come on folks, what do you know please? Comment here or mail me: BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Cheers.

Would Doody’s have been present in this 1976 image of the Howdles Lane area from 1976? Image Kindly supplied by Lichfield District Council. Click for a larger version.

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  1. Glennis Langford says:

    The club “Castle club “ was in the dip as you turn into Howdles Lane off the A5 before Knaves Castle turning . I spent many happy hours there as a youngster as my mom and dad (Frank & Mary Murcott) were both members . It was a WMC and sort of took over Doodys which was on the A5 itself between Howdles Lane and Castle St. it was known as Doodys as it was run by Mrs Doody . Many happy memories of that place too as a child . Not sure if that was a club or a pub more likely ??

  2. Glennis Langford says:

    PS Doodys was knocked down when the A5 was widened to a dual carriageway along with Ginny’s fish shop- Mrs Deans shop – and I think I remember correctly a small supermarket run by the Kendricks ??

  3. f.b. lycett says:

    Not sure if there is a connection, but I remember my parents being friendly with a Mrs. Doody who lived opposite the Chase pub, in the end detatched house adjacent to the Chase Restaurant, this would be early 70’s, late 60’s, as I recall, not a very tall lady, memory says she had a son named Gerald.

    • Glennis Langford says:

      Yes Mrs Doody moved next to the terrace and Gerald and his wife Lottie moved to the other semi from Castle St where I lived .

  4. andkindred says:

    I don’t know much about this, as I was never a member and my folks weren’t pub- or club-goers. As I recall it from childhood Doody’s Club was run by Gerald Doody, but as far as I know I never met him. Glennys is right about it being demolished when the Watling Street was dualled, which would be about 1970-71 (my first year at Shire Oak). I had another look at the Fred Shingler video, but it skips past Doody’s too quickly, possibly concealed by buses. I will do a little more on this.
    Andy (still not beaten by the whale!)

  5. aerreg says:

    you are all wright doodys club was fiirst on the left of the old howdles lane run by mrs doody as the person said she moved to the bungalow later at newtown bridge her son was gerald the supermarket refered to was jonah deakins grocery shop followed by a very dear mate of mine harold walker then as you say kendricks were the last occupier before the road was done you have bought memouries back again ana foxes row gynes fish and chips brendas relalations lived up the fort her dad was born their god bless you and thanks

    • Glennis Langford says:

      Who were Brenda’s relations? Asking as I was born up the fort(Castle Street) in1957 and my mom and dad lived there till they died .

  6. Alvin Cox says:

    yes i remember entering the castle club from the A5 down a potholed pebble drive , there was a Eric Selvey in the middle to late 60,s who used to run it if i remember correctly who was my wifes cousin dont know what happened to him after it closed .

  7. aerreg says:

    re my late wife brendas relations her fathers name was edward hayward the family lived up the the old fort years ago his sister lived next door to the as we called it little chapel ginny at the fish and chip shop was related brendas dad had other brother and sister i just remember their names what i can remember is a well respected man gentle kind patient man and a lovely manered man all round and ime proud to say he was my father in law god blesshim sorry i should have put i cant remember their names he was wonderful with a pen lovely hand writing not one finger spelling like me

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  9. stgreenuk says:

    I was there the night the “new club” – a non-politically affiliated WMC – just off Howdles Lane opened. In fact I even played the piano on the stage that night!! I would have been about 16 at the time. My late father Tom Green (married to Dot -we lived in Howdles Lane) managed to get the electrical beer pumps going at the last minute – opening without them would have been a disaster – and he was even more popular than usual. .
    Funnily enough I remember the “new club” opening, but I don;t remember it being closed and demolished , as by that time I had moved away from Brownhills.
    I also remember the old Doody’s club – also known I think as the Castle Club as it was closest to Castle Street – which was a kind of private club/pub hybrid. I remember many great nights out at Xmas and New Year, and even organised summer seaside visits by bus!
    Mrs Doody must have been very elderly when she passed. Her granddaughter Carol was at the same school as me, I think in the same year as Glennis Langford.
    Best wishes to all.

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