Play in the car park and behave yourselves!

Dad at Doody's Club

The committee and members of Doody’s Club, date unknown, but looking at the clothes, possibly 1960s. Image kindly supplied by Tony Turner.

I asked last weekend if anyone knew anything, or had any pictures of Doody’s (sometimes known as the Castle Club) up near Howdles Lane in Brownhills.

Well, you folks never let me down and I’m very thankful to reader Tony Turner for the above picture, which is a fascinating period piece in itself.

Tony wrote:

Hi Bob,

Back in the 1950’s, Dad and sometimes Mom, my Brother and I  were frequent visitors to Doody’s Club, in fact Dad (Joe Turner) was on the committee at one time.

As children we were given a bottle of Vimto and a packet of Smiths crisps, and told to play in the car park and behave ourselves. At that time Mr and Mrs Doody were the caretakers of the club and served behind the bar. They had a daughter Jeanette.

The club was on the north side of Watling Street between the Prince of Wales (not 100% sure of the name [Absolutely correct – Bob]) pub on the corner of Castle Street and the start of Howdles Lane. The way in was through an alley off Watling Street which led to the entrance to the club room and a car park for about 4 cars.

In the photo of the committee, Dad is the tall man in the centre of the back row. The couple on the right are to the best of my memory Mr and Mrs Doody.Hope this helps with your excellent blog, keep up the good work.

Best wishes

Thanks to Tony for such a remarkable contribution – and I hope readers can identify some of the folk in the group. I’m really interested in the guy in the black jacket leaning back and sideways – what’s that all about?

Have you anything to add? Comment here or mail me: BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Cheers.

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2 Responses to Play in the car park and behave yourselves!

  1. andkindred says:

    Sorry, chaps, but I have to correct you. The pub on the corner of Castle Street was the Queens Head. Andy

  2. Glennis Langford says:

    Yes the Queens Head was on the corner of Castle St . The Prince of Walesbis further up the A5 and is still there today

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