Are these items yours?

Looks to me like they might have been tossed from a car… image Kindly supplied by Caroline Fielden.

Here’s a quick one that came in yesterday evening while I was busy (Monday, 1st January 2018) – reader Caroline Feilden has sent me the above picture and wants to know if these items found locally by he father in law’s dog(!) might belong to you…

She wrote:

Hello Bob

I wonder if you would be able to help us find the owner of some lost property?

My father-in-law’s pup found a CD case and a pair of sunglasses under our hedge this lunch time. The items don’t belong to any of our neighbours.

I’d be grateful if you could put something on your blog so we can try and reunite the owner with their property

Kind regards and best wishes for 2018

Caroline Feilden

If you recognise the shades or CD case, do comment here or drop me a line – BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com.

Thanks to Caroline for being so wonderfully community spirited.

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  1. Samantha Wilson says:

    Hi, these items are my husbands.
    He had his car broken in to on Monday (1st) night.
    Nothing valuable was stolen as more sentimental things.
    If somebody could please get in touch with me on 07531973086 I’d be very grateful.
    Thankyou, Samantha Wilson

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