Snow update – Tuesday 12th December 2017

We had a decent sunset last night. Sadly I was in too much of a hurry to see much of it.

Again, I’m writing this at 12:30am on the night before, and in many respects the travel omens are looking worse for the morning commute on Tuesday than they did on Monday.

First up: School closure info. You can check out the latest on the Walsall Council Facebook Page here, their twitter here, but they seem to be doing running updates as and when to this post here. There’s also a Facebook page here for Walsall School Closures although obviously, being crowdsourced, the veracity of that cannot be guaranteed.

If you have any details to add, comment here or mail me: BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Thanks.

Staffordshire school closures are listed at this page here.

At time of posting, these schools are closed on Tuesday 12th December 2017::

Schools Tuesday 12 December – Here are the details so far. If your school hasn’t shared any information yet, please check their website or social media channels. We will look to do another update later as more schools contact us.

* = Closure confirmed this evening

Special Schools
Castle Business and Enterprise College Closed
Elmwood No details shared
Mary Elliot Closed
Oakwood Closed
Old Hall No details shared
Phoenix Primary EBD Closed
The Jane Lane School Closed

Nursery Schools
Alumwell Nursery Closed
Fullbrook Nursery Closed
Lane Head Nursery Closed
Millfields Nursery School Closed*
Ogley Hay Nursery Closed
Rowley View Nursery Closed
Sandbank Nursery No details shared
Valley Nursery Closed*

Primary Schools
Abbey Primary Closed
All Saints National Academy No details shared
Alumwell Infant Closed
Alumwell Junior Closed
Barcroft Primary No details shared
Beacon Primary Closed
Bentley West Primary Closed
Birchills CE Community Academy Closed
Blackwood Closed
Blakenall Heath Junior Closed
Bloxwich Academy (closure confirmed on school website*)

My favourite tree at Home Farm, Sandhills is looking a bit chilly.

Blue Coat CE (A) Infant No details shared
Blue Coat CE (A) Junior No details shared
Brownhills West Primary Closed
Busill Jones Primary Closed
Butts Primary Closed
Caldmore Academy Closed
Castlefort JMI Closed
Christ Church CE (C) JMI Closed
Chuckery Primary Closed
Cooper and Jordan CE VA Primary Closed
County Bridge Primary Closed
Croft Academy Closed
Delves Infant & Nursery Closed
Delves Junior Closed (closure confirmed on school website*)
Elmore Green Primary No details shared
Fibbersley Park Primary Closed
Goldsmith Primary Academy Closed
Greenfield Primary Closed
Hillary Primary Closed
Holy Trinity CE Primary Closed
Jubilee Academy Mossley No details shared
King Charles Primary Closed
King’s Hill Primary Closed*
Leamore Primary Closed
Leighswood Closed
Lindens Primary Closed
Little Bloxwich CE (VC) Primary Closed
Lodge Farm JMI Closed
Lower Farm Primary Believed to be closed
Manor Primary Closed*
Meadow View JMI Closed
Millfield Primary Closed
Moorcroft Wood Primary Closed
New Invention Infant No details shared
New Invention Junior No details shared
North Walsall Primary Academy Closed
Old Church CE (C) Primary Closed
Old Hall School No details shared
Palfrey Infant Closed
Palfrey Junior Closed
Park Hall Infant Academy Closed
Park Hall Junior Academy Closed
Pelsall Village No details shared
Pheasey Park Farm Primary No details shared
Pinfold Street Primary Closed
Pool Hayes Primary Closed
The Radleys Primary Closed
Reedswood E-Act Primary Academy Closed
Rivers Primary Academy Closed
Rosedale CE (C) Infant Closed
Woods Bank Academy Closed
Rushall Primary School Closed
Ryders Hayes School No details shared
Salisbury Primary Closed
Short Heath Junior Closed
St Anne’s Catholic Primary No details shared
St Bernadette’s Catholic Primary Closed
St Francis Catholic Primary Closed
St Giles CE Primary Closed
St James Primary Closed
St John’s CE Primary Closed*
St Joseph’s Catholic Primary Closed
St Mary of the Angels Catholic Primary No details shared
St Mary’s the Mount Catholic Primary Closed
St Michael’s CE (C) Primary No details shared
St Patrick’s Catholic Primary Closed*
St Peter’s Catholic Primary Closed
St Thomas of Canterbury Catholic Primary No details shared
Sunshine Infant & Nursery Closed
Walsall Wood Primary Closed
Watling Street Primary No details shared
Whetstone Field Primary Closed
Whitehall Junior Community School Closed
Whitehall Nursery & Infant Closed
Woodlands Academy of Learning Closed
Woods Bank Academy Closed

Aldridge School – A Science College Closed
Barr Beacon School No details shared
Bloxwich Academy No details shared
Blue Coat Church of England Academy Closed
Brownhills School Closed
Grace Academy Darlaston Closed
Joseph Leckie Academy Closed
Ormiston Shelfield Community Academy No details shared
Pool Hayes Arts and Community Closed
Queen Mary’s Grammar Closed
Queen Mary’s High Closed
Shire Oak Academy No details shared
St Francis of Assisi Catholic Technology College Believed to be closed – please check
St Thomas More Catholic – Business and Enterprise College Closed
The Streetly Academy Closed
Walsall Academy (closure confirmed on school website*)
West Walsall E-Act Academy Closed
Willenhall E-ACT Closed

Pupil Referral Units No details shared
New Leaf Centre (KS3-KS4) No details shared
Shepwell School Closed
Walsall Studio School No details shared


Walsall College posted earlier today that it would be open, but wise to keep an eye on their Facebook page here.

All campuses will be open as usual Tuesday 12th December however should anything change overnight we will announce on social media and our website after 6.30am. Please take care on your way into college.

I can’t find out any information for Little Green Dragons or Brownhills Community Centre; keep an eye on their website here.

A walsall gritter loaded and ready to go, just waiting for the invisibility cloak to be fitted.

The gritting rage continues – the authorities have been gritting and will continue to do so, although with temperatures predicted to hit -9C before daylight, it’s unlikely grit will be effective so it’s going to be very icy out.

Walsall Council said:

Here’s a gritting update from tonight.

Our crews went out at 6pm this evening and will do so again tomorrow from 3am.

With road surface temperatures set to drop to around -8C, conditions on our highway network and footways look more perilous than today, so please take care if you’re out and about.

I reiterate that grit is not fairy dust and that people’s expectations as regards it’s effectiveness seem rather high. Take care folks. Want to grumble we don’t cope as well as other countries? Read this great Economist article here, pointed up by old adversary and nice bloke Dan Slee.

Clean and Green also had this to say about refuse collections:

Update on bins: Our colleagues Clean & Green will be making an assessment tomorrow morning depending on the road conditions.

If your bin isn’t collected, you will be able to put out two extra bags for your next collection.

From next Monday (18 December), we will operate a weekly bin collection service for 4 weeks (2 weeks before and 2 weeks after Christmas).

More info about our Christmas rubbish and recycling arrangements can be found here.

Don’t be too upset if the bin wagon doesn’t arrive – they are awful things to drive on icy roads and no refuse collection is worth endangering anyone.

Public transport – all you can do here is check operator Facebook and Social Media accounts before you travel. National Express West Midlands (Facebook page here) who called a halt to services on Sunday, and battled through Monday said the following this evening:

We aim to start service at normal time tomorrow [Tuesday] morning. Safety diversions & alterations may still be in place on some routes as temperatures continue to drop affecting roads across the area tonight.

As to rail services, best check Network Rail here.

Walsall Housing Group have not said if they’ll be open or not Tuesday – check their Facebook page here.

One thing I will ask today is that whilst I understand the weather is frustrating, can we please endeavour to be kind to those poor folks answering phones and manning social media for organisations you may have issues with. They are humans, and doing a job – they deserve a bit of respect and humanity. Thanks.

Bad weather happens folks – it really is a bugger. But there’s nothing we can do but sit it out if at all possible, and to those who have to go out to work, I wish the very best. Stay safe, folks – and thanks.

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  1. Mr P.C. Gordon says:

    Well we’ll Walsall Council it appears have divorced themselves from the Wilkin Estate. No gritting so busses have refused to come on the Estate. I hope the Councillors keep this in mind when considering Council Tax increases next year. I wish the residents on the Wilkins would demonstrate with their feet and let this useless Council know what the Wilkin really think of them

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