Motive power… at the Motivation Hub

This looks like a great project in Walsall Wood.

I have been contacted by Suzanne Sant who’s starting a really interesting project soon in Walsall Wood for the families and carers of adults with learning disabilities and who have a weekday requirement for daycare for their loved one.

As many readers will be aware, with recent austerity and continued strain on local authority provision, daycare throughout the country is becoming severely limited and oversubscribed, with many local authorities ending provision completely.

This places a huge load upon already stressed carers who then often get little rest from what is a very demanding responsibility.

Suzanne is starting a new service in Walsall Wood called the Motivation Hub which will provide daycare opportunities for LD people in the area that will be cost effective and high quality.

This is a really good opportunity for people with special needs to socialise, be supported and undertake meaningful activity in a protected, caring environment.

Suzanne said:

Hi There,

I have worked in social care for many years. Mainly with Walsall and Staffordshire Council.

You maybe aware that many cuts are being made and all satellite units for adults with learning disabilities have been closed. Only leaving Goscote which is for complex needs.

I currently manage two small projects working through direct payments.

I have been liaising with Julie Harvey senior social worker Walsall.

She advices me that we do currently have a call in the borough for day Opportunities. I have also been in contact with Ian Staples lead commissioner. Who I am meeting with shortly.

Thank you for your time
Suzanne Sant

Suzanne and her team are working on the finer details at the moment an welcome expressions of interest in the Motivation Hub – so if you have a requirement for daycare for a LD adult, please do get in touch with her by emailing here   or by calling her on 07388 553615.

You can peruse details of the Motivation hub, it’s staffing and aims in the specification in the galley below. Click any image to read a larger version – or you can download the document in PDF form here.

Do you have an adult relative with disabilites?

The Motivation Hub
Walsall Wood
Open to adults with a disability / autism

Monday to Friday
Offering meaningful activities, to help clients improve their social skills, confidence independence.

For further Info contact Suzanne
07388 553615

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  1. David Evans says:

    Hi Bob
    excellent… delighted to read this . I thank all concerned and wish them every success
    kind regards

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