A memorable day of joy!

Here’s another wonderful contribution from local historian John Sale, who via David Evans, has been contributing some real gems – we started with last week’s Home Guard article which provoked a great deal of discussion – well, this week it’s the 1937 Coronation Celebration Party in Walsall Wood that comes to the fore.

John Sale has allowed David to scan and share this fascinating program from the celebration held in Walsall Wood on May 12th, 1937 for the Coronation of King George VI – a real social occasion with some remarkably charming spectacles – Bladder Heading Competition, anyone? Wonder who won?

We’ve covered Coronation celebrations here before, notably in this contribution from Sir Gerald of Reece on the celebration for the Coronation of Gerge V in 1911.

The document is interesting not just for it’s insight into social mores of the time, but also in the names of those mentioned.

David Worte:

This copy of the official programme has been very kindly provided by Mr John Sale, local historian, and I would like to offer him my sincere personal thanks.

The programme contains details which, I am sure, will be of great interest to local people and others.

The Playing Field mentioned was behind KFC fast food fast food café in Lichfield Road, and Brownhills Road School, Walsall Wood, by the Football Club and many will remember the swings, roundabouts, slides and other play equipment in this field. It no longer exists. The Grand Stand was built in 1936, and it and the football club are still there.

The Mounted Gymkhana Display team and their director, Mr Southall has been mentioned in detail in Brownhills Bob’s blog.

Mr Beak owned the shop presently called Roadrunner, in Lichfield Road, and the field which extended to Brook Lane. The butcher’s shop also had its own abattoir.

The Radio Gram selection was offered by Mr Yeomans, whose radio, cycle repair, shop was in Lichfield Road near to the Streets Corner junction, by the bus lay by. He would re-charge radio accumulators!

The Church Hall was in Brookland Road at the corner with Brook Lane but was demolished some years ago.

The PM Schoolrooms is the Primitive Methodist Sunday School building at the Methodist Church, near to the football ground, and is still in existence.

David, October 2017

My thanks to John Sale and of course to David Evans for a remarkable piece of local history – I’m sure readers will want to comment, please do – either on this post or mail me: BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com.

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4 Responses to A memorable day of joy!

  1. aerreg says:

    wonder if it was a pigs bladder a prize gift as foot ball after sticker russell had done his job another lovely MR YEOMANS and the accumulater a lovely man in my mind i can still see him in his cow gown thanks for the memory god bless

  2. Sheila Norris ( nee Jones) says:

    Just when you think you have exhausted every avenue of your family history another gem such as this turns up! Granddad Southall directing the mounted gymkhana display. My Mum , Cynthia Southall, would have been about 12 at the time and undoubtedly one of the team along with her brother Dickie. I wonder if the local newspapers covered these events? Many thanks to John Sale and David Evans .

  3. aerreg says:

    hi shiela i think you will find some details on the brownhills old carnival film i remeber them well in fact as a boy i was page boy in the carnival and really thought they were from over seas ha ha elkes biscuit band lead the band and pat collins crowned the queen happy days god bless

    • Sheila Norris ( nee Jones) says:

      Hi Aerreg. Thanks so much! Yes, spotted my Granddad on that wonderful film a couple of times. All the best, Sheila.

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