A traditional service Brownhills can be proud of

When suffering the loss of a loved one, you really need a professional, locally based service, which is exactly what Jennifer Ashe and Son provide from their Funeral Home in Brownhills. Image supplied by John Ashe.

Hey folks, I’m always ready to give local businesses a plug here on the blog, and today I’d like to give a space to a business that’s becoming very well respected in Brownhills High Street, and yet is one many of us might not like to think about too much – Jennifer Ashe and Son are a traditional Funeral Directors owned and run as a family concern by good local people

I realise this is a service most of us don’t consider until we find ourselves in the sad position of needing it; but I feel it’s worth knowing that we have a professional, understanding and affordable Funeral Director close to hand.

I’ll let John Ashe explain:

Hello Bob

We’re a family-operated Funeral Directors in High Street, Brownhills who have now been open for 12 months. I think many people still don’t know we’re here, recently a delivery driver asked a shop in the top of the high street where we were and they’d not heard of us before and also we had a local lady appoint us to organise a funeral and again hadn’t heard about Jennifer Ashe and Son until her friend recommended us.

We are a small independent family firm owned by Jennifer and Son John, our head funeral director is Richard, we have a team of  7 with over 50 years experience between us.

There are three generations currently working in our funeral home at to ensure we deliver the high standards we are becoming known for to the families we’ve supported.

Since opening we have supported families from across the West Midlands and have also carried out funerals in Manchester & London.

When we opened we were determined not to charge huge amounts for Funerals, quite often bereaved families don’t think to check how much funeral costs are and get stung by paying for services they don’t need. Lots of undertakers don’t display their prices on their website, where as we do as we like people to have a full understanding of our low prices before they walk through the door, that way then can make their mind up before they call us or visit us.

A combination of traditional high standards and sympathetic approach means you can depend upon Jennifer Ashe and Son. Image from their website.

We operate two main funeral prices;

Our simple funeral, which includes our services, the provision of a Hearse and a Coffin is just £995 (excluding the third party fees such as cremation and ministers costs).

We don’t charge for bringing loved ones into our care, including out of hours and we also open out of hours for families to visit their loved ones when they want, I even opened up on Christmas day for one family last year, again we don’t charge for this.

We also have a special ‘Complete Package’ priced at £2750 this package covers our fees, includes a Limousine, Coffin Spray, Order of Service and other extras, the package also covers the cost of the crematorium and minister, meaning families have just one bill to deal with at such a difficult time.

We also offer pre-payment plans, allowing families to pay for their funerals in advance securing the costs at today’s prices; the money is held in trust for families until the time of need, giving them confidence their money is secure and that it can’t be touched by the funeral directors until they produce a copy of the death certificate to the board of trustees.

The fund grows with inflation meaning there should always be enough money held to cover the cost of services when they’re needed, hopefully in many years time.

Our facebook page has nothing but positive reviews from some of the families we’ve supported over the first twelve months of being open.

Our website contains lots of useful information on what to do when a loved one passes, information on the funeral packages and prices we charge and also information on the funeral pre-payment plans. http://www.jafunerals.co.uk.

We are delighted to have been included in ‘Three Best Rated®’, Three Best Rated® was created with a simple goal to find you the top 3 local businesses, professionals, restaurants and health care providers in any city. Their employees Handpick top 3 local businesses. They check business’s reviews, reputation, history, complaints, ratings, satisfaction, nearness, trust, cost, general excellence using our 50-Point Inspection. They display only businesses that are verified by their employees.

I’ve added some pictures of our funeral home and us too that you might find useful.

Can’t thank you enough for your help.

Kind regards
John Ashe

Funeral Director
Jennifer Ashe & Son Funeral Directors
Norma House, High Street, Brownhills, WS8 6EW

01543 378022


I’ll be honest here, I have no connection with this business whatsoever, but I have attended one of their funerals, and it was as professional, respectful and sympathetic as anyone would want.

I wish John and Jennifer Ashe all the very best for their business, whilst crossing my fingers  that I won’t need them just yet…

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