Teddy is looking for a special family – can you help?

I’ve been asked by serial blog quiz bandit and top local driving instructor Tony Jakman if I’d help him with his quest to regime a rather special tabby cat that Tony has recently rescued from being a stray.

I thing most of you know I adore cats, so I jumped at the chance to help this rather handsome, lovely lad.

Please read what Tony has to say below, and if you can help, either call him on the number posted below, comment on this post or mail me on BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com.

Please help Teddy if you can. I think this stripy lad has a lot of love to give! l

Thanks to Tony and Judy too for helping a cat in shall we say… reduced circumstances.

Tony Jakeman wrote:

Teddy is a handsome lat with a good colour and rather special stripes. Image supplied by Tony Jakeman.

This is Teddy

Teddy needs a special home with special people.

We think Teddy is only young, less than 2 years old. He’s been roaming near us in Aldridge for about 6 months. After no success with finding his owners we decided to adopt him ourselves. After having him neutered and microchipped routine blood tests showed that he has FIV, Feline Immunodeficiency Virus.

This has serious consequences for Teddy and possibly other cats he comes in contact with. If he fights and bites another cat here’s a chance he can pass his infection on.

The more serious consequence for Teddy is that with a compromised immune system he’s more susceptible to picking up infections from other cats. Something simple that another cat would easily fight off could kill Teddy.

Images supplied by Tony Jakeman

What Teddy needs is a special home with special people who will help him lead a full and happy life. He’s very calm, friendly but a little nervous. He’s learnt that tickles are great and he’s relearning to play. Pictures don’t show what an adorable face he has and his fabulous markings. He really is a teddy bear of a cat.

Ideally he needs to be kept indoors in a home with no other cats or a home with another FIV cat. Contact with other cats or cat viruses in the environment are what he needs to avoid. He’s living with us at the moment and is happy in isolation. We have other cats. The hard choice we’ve had to make is that life with us is dangerous for him.

He has a bad mouth infection at the moment that will need ongoing monitoring and treatment.

We successfully homed an FIV positive cat a few years ago.

Teddy really needs his special new family to come forward.

If you think that might be you please contact us to discuss it

Judy and Tony 01922 743431 or 07847649057

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