Here’s what’s going on with the old Brownhills Market site

Work has started on ground operations at the former site of Brownhills Market in the Town Centre.

A very quick note as I’m a bit tied up elsewhere today but I’ve had a lot of people ask what’s happening with all the earthmoving gear and construction at the old Brownhills market site between Pier Street, Silver Street and the Methodist Church – it’s going to be the site of a new housing development.

The close of 32 dwellings will completely occupy the site of the former market, and will face on to Silver Street. A new junction will be constructed in place of the bend that currently exists in Silver Street, which will also join a new access road to the Kier development currently underway at Silver Court Gardens.

Outline planning permission for this has existed since the development at Silver Court Gardens was granted, as detailed here previously.

The details of the project were finally approved in July after a number of modifications proposed by planning officers, and is being undertaken by Lovell Homes.

The full, very detailed application documentation can be seen at Walsall Council’s Planning Portal here. Of particular interest will be the Decision Notice here and Design and Access Statement here.

I wholly support this development: Although the market was great in it’s day, it’s not coming back; markets are dying across the UK and the site has been empty for over five years. New homes here will help footfall for the High Street, make that area of Brownhills less open and windswept, and help the place seem more occupied and less lonely at night.

If you have any comments, feel free: either on this post or mail me: BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Cheers.

Hoe the development at the former market site will look. Plan from Walsall’s Planning Portal. Click for a larger image.

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  1. Any chance of the bulldozers heading up Ravens court way? this

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