Detectives seek two further witnesses following James Brindley murder

James Brindley, victim of a senseless murder. Image supplied by West Midlands Police.

Following the shocking murer of James Brindley in Aldridge on the Friday evening of 23rd June 2017, police enquiries have proceeded apace, and yesterday Monday 3rd July 2017 they issued a new appeal for two men thought to be uninvolved witnesses to come forward.

It should be noted this is the full press release which has been unfortunately truncated on Facebook; that editing has led to incorrect assumptions over the nature of the appeal here and the cropping of a remarkable and heartfelt statement from James’ parents.

Whoever runs WMPs Facebook page really needs to take a look at that one.

Walsall police said:

New appeal for witnesses over Aldridge murder as victim’s family pay fresh tributes

Detectives investigating the murder of James Brindley are appealing for two men who were in the area at the time to get in touch.

At around 11.45pm on Friday 23 June, two Asian men were seen leaving the Croft and entering Rookery Lane in the direction of the High Street in Aldridge.

The men were dressed smartly so may have been coming from a party, night out or celebration.

Detective Chief Inspector Chris Mallett, from force CID, said: “I can’t stress enough that we want to speak to these men as witnesses as we believe they may have seen something that could help with our investigation.

‘We do not believe they were involved but we do think they may have seen something that night and I would urge them to get in touch.’

Last week detectives appealed for two further men to come forward after they were seen arguing with James moments before the attack – enquiries are still ongoing to trace these individuals.

James’ family have also released a tribute to him: “The unnatural death of our most precious son James has hit us like a bolt out of the blue; we are reeling from the shock of the event itself and in utter disbelief and despair at his loss.

‘We are also feeling the unspeakable guilt, that we weren’t there at that dreadful moment, to defend him.

‘Following the attack, James wasn’t alone for long. Four heroic young men and their father rushed to help him, and stayed until the paramedics arrived on the scene; they worked tirelessly to save him, and when they had done everything humanly possible, we were able to go to him, and tell him how much we love him; but it wasn’t possible for us to hold him in our arms as his life passed away, or for him to know that his family was with him. We felt guilty seeing the sun rise on that next morning, and have every morning since.

‘Yet, amidst all the emotions we are feeling, there is hope. This hope is fed by everyone around us. The love of our family, our friends, Charlotte’s friends, and of course we are enormously uplifted by the outpouring of love from James’ friends, who have all written or spoken about experiences shared with him; their lifelong, happy memories, describing the positive effect that he has had on so many people’s lives. So many people!
Everyone, it appears, loves James; well, very nearly everyone.

‘The manner of James death has shattered the whole of Aldridge, and beyond, but we are feeling a mood of positivity rising from the community of Aldridge. There are acts of incredible generosity happening, directed at our family. “Thank you” doesn’t even begin to describe how energised that makes us feel. Thank you, a trillion times, from the very bottom of our hearts. We are strengthened by the care of the police, both on that dreadful night, and since; they have empathised in word and deed, far and above what could reasonably have been expected. Their professionalism fills us with hope for resolution.

‘We have decided to adopt one of James’ character traits, that of ‘wilfulness’. As a child, James wilfully ignored all our attempts to curb his appetite for climbing up anything that was close by, and for running off. With help, we are going to be wilful in the pursuit of moving forwards as a family, and creating a lasting legacy in James’ memory; one that will benefit the community of Aldridge, and maybe, even society at large. Nothing too ambitious then, just like James. Inspired by James, with love The Brindley family.’

Anyone with information are urged to contact DCI Mallett’s team on 101 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111

The killing of James is a brutal and shocking murder and I’m sure readers will join with me in expressing my horror and sincerest condolences to his family and friends.

I would ask that anyone with any information please contacts West Midlands Police on 101, any of the methods here or anonymously via Crimestoppers.

Please be considerate and consider the feelings of the victim’s family when commenting on social media. Whilst debate and discussion are to be expected, please be thoughtful and consider those involved when expressing views.

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