Walsall Wood Remembrance Parade: An important appeal

Walsall Wood Remembrance Parade and Service are always well attended. Image from the Parade Appeal Facebook page.

Here’s a very important appeal from Lee Bragginton of the 1st Walsall Wood Scout Group, who like all other folks involved with local Remembrance pParades, is appealing for help and donations so the Walsall Wood Parade can take place this year.

Options are available for individual donations online or by post, and Lee is also interested in any businesses locally who may be able to assist with sponsorship or other means.

Walsall Wood is unique in the area in being the only afternoon parade and one of the few that has no associated British Legion help.

The rights and wrongs of the current situation have been gone over many times, but we are where we are and donations are required. For my take on this situation, see this post and those linked from it.

Lee said:


Like other parades in the Walsall Borough, Walsall Wood parade needs to raise funds in order to continue in it’s traditional format.

Unlike other parades however, we have no Royal British Legion involvement in our parade and it is organised and funded by the youth organisations themselves.

We welcome any contact from any local businesses, organisations and individuals who may be willing to support our cause in any way.

See details of how to help below.

We will be holding a joint youth organisation fundraising car wash later in the year towards the parade.  Details will follow.

Lee Bragginton

Group Scout Leader
1St Walsall Wood Scout Group

It’s not a huge event, but small, intimate and very community focused. . Image from the Parade Appeal Facebook page.

Walsall Wood Remembrance Parade needs your support to continue!

Our parade only receives a small contribution from Walsall Council in order for our parade to take place; we rely on donations in order to pay for this event to take place for the benefit of the youth and other members of our local community.

You can donate on our MyDonate page here.

You can also keep updated on our Facebook page here.

If you prefer, postal donations can be made using the form available here (also at the foot of this post).

Contact Lee Braggibnton: gsl@walsallwoodscouts.org.uk or call on 0844 414 2438

38th Walsall (1st Walsall Wood) Scout Group; Registered charity 1133604. C/0 50 Longacres, Hednesford, Cannock, WS121LD

You can print this form out and use for postal donations – please send to 38th Walsall (1st Walsall Wood) Scout Group, C/0 50 Longacres, Hednesford, Cannock, WS121LD

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2 Responses to Walsall Wood Remembrance Parade: An important appeal

  1. Sheila says:

    I just want to highlight that the amount needed for the scouts to fund this parade is £1300, with just over £100 raised so far. If 100 of Bob’s regular readers can chip in £10 each it will almost be job done. Please help fund this really worthwhile local parade. And it’s very easy and secure.

  2. David Evans says:

    Cheers Sheila
    thanks for the comment…
    Ive just posted my cheque and wish the 38th Group all the best
    kind regards

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