Drama as two cars collide on Pelsall Road, Brownhills last night

The scene on the Pelsall Road last night, just near the Clayhanger Lane Junction. Photo supplied by reader Vicky.

Dramatic scenes on the A4124 Pelsall Road near to the Clayhanger Lane junction last night (Saturday 17th June 2017) following a collision between two cars, the occupant of one appearing to have run off.

Eyewitness Vicky said:

Well I heard a big bang, and I mean big..  Screeching, and I ran to the front door.

Car outside my house: Two women hurried out with kids. I ran out and told them to sit on grass, saw a car on opposite side that was crunched up.

Got blankets and drinks for them… It happened all so quickly.

Then loads of cars parked up (witnesses), Police and Ambulance arrived.

It’s thought the emergency services were on the way to attend a second incident in Brownhills, but this hasn’t yet been confirmed and no details are yet known.

The crash appears to have happened when a car apparently being driven at some speed collided with the rear of another that had just pulled out from Clayhanger Lane. The driver of the first car appears to have escaped the scene on foot.

The occupants of the car that was hit were two adult females and two young girls. One of the adults is believed to have sustained minor injuries, all others shocked but unharmed.

If you saw this incident, or have any information at all, please do contact Walsall Police by dialling 101 or using any of the contact methods here.

My thanks to Vicky for the community spirit and report, and my sympathies to those involved.

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