Life during wartime – Brownhills doing it’s bit. What do you know?

This is the only image I know of Brownhills Home Guard – it’s featured in Memories of Brownhills Past by Clarice Mayo and Geoff Harrington. It’s a great picture, and is indisputably Brownhills. But there must be more?

A quick one I raise here from time to time that’s quite important and I’m still looking for information on – yet very little concrete material has ever appeared.

Brownhills had an active and quite large Home Guard. Many local men were members, who did their bit and served their community in the way that men who couldn’t serve directly in towns all over the UK did.

There was also an Air Raid Patrol – whether it was one person or a group, I’ve never been able to establish.

We are getting to a time – not to put too fine a point on this – that we are becoming beyond living memory of the Second World War, particularly for those who were adults at the time.

If anyone has any material, memories or anecdotes, I’d love to share them before they’re lost. This was a key part of out communal history and we need to gather as much as we can, while we can.

Cheers everyone – what have you got? Please comment here or mail me: BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Thanks.


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  1. Tony Thacker says:

    Hi Bob, My dad was in the Home Guard and he told me that they had to guard a German unexploded land Mine that was dropped somewhere near the Grove pit during the war.

  2. aerreg says:

    in the begining it was the ARP some names to recall JACK BREWE FREDY HEATH DAVE FULLELOVE MR UDALL FREDDY BOWEN MR MASON MR MADDOX to name a few i have got a
    photo of them all ime not sure but some time ago david put it in your arckives then the LOOK DUCK AND VANISH was formed
    THE LDV some stayed as wardens others got an arm band until winston churchhill created the group shown on your photograph the HOME GUARD In full uniform under the control of the army the headquarters of the ARP was at the side of the MEMO proctected by sand bags often climed by local rascels and chased of by jack brewe god bless thanks for the memory

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