Never trust the ground beneath your feet…

The weather is glorious, so just quick ones on the blog this weekend, but this is an interesting curiosity just in from the young David Evans who’s dug something up I have absolutely no knowledge of, and wondered if readers could add to the story?

David wrote:

A fascinating thing – I’ve never head of this incident before. Do you remember it? Notice the typesetter’s mistake bottom left, where two lines of text are transposed, a reminded that typesetting was once done by hand! Click for a larger version – image courtesy of David Evans.

This newspaper cutting, from 1963*, which shows a house in Brownhills Road, Walsall Wood, (not Brownhills [Controversial! – Bob]) was kindly given to me by Mr Jones’s nephew recently.

It is interesting as the nearby Walsall Wood Colliery was quite active at that time and closed down its mining operations in 1964.

*On the same page an article, The Changing Face of Algeria, ‘In the 18 months since Algeria became independent…’ helps to date this press cutting.

What a shocking and fascinating thing. We have, of course, addressed local subsidence issues before on the blog, at Castlefort, and also talked of some of the more notorious subsidence legends hereabouts, but I’ve never heard or seen this one before.

Thanks to David Evans and the Jones family for a wonderful donation – there’s always something new! If you can add anything, please do: comment here or mail me: BrownhillsBob at Googlemail do com.

Cheers all.

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