Severe congestion in Shire Oak area following car fire in Lindon Road

Images posted on Twitter by West Midlands Fire Service Aldridge account @aldfire

There’s been a car fire that partially spread to the adjacent house this afternoon in Lindon Road, on the Walsall Wood/Brownhills border, as reported on Twitter by Aldridge Fire, readers Sarah and Sarah, and others.

The fire was quickly out, but recovery and the ongoing clean up operation had forced the closure of the Lindon Road between Chandlers Keep and Clayhanger Lane. This has caused a great deal of congestion, particularly on the Friezland Lane, Shire Oak, as reported by resident David Evans.

Thankfuilly, the road has subsequently reopened.

Probably best avoid the area if you can for the foreseeable.

My sympathies to those involved in the fire, and hope nobody was injured; also thanks to the good folk from Aldridge Fire for keeping us safe, and to readers for their information and help.

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