Your chance to see The Little Bit The Boys Admire – this Saturday!

This Saturday 3rd June 2017 at the new Lamp Arts theatre venue within Brownhills Activity Centre, it’s your chance to see a great piece of old time performance theatre with a great, singalong music hall story.

If you haven’t yet visited The Lamp for a show, you really are missing out; it’s a wonderfully modern an intimate community theatre with a wonderful atmosphere operated by a lovely community of dedicated folk. Find out more here.

Tickets are £7 for early birds and £8 on the door – you can buy online here. The performance starts at 7:30pm and runs until 10pm, minimum 8 years of age.

The Lamp Arts said:

Barmy, bathetic, boisterous and bawdy, the spirit of the Old Time Music Hall is recreated in our intimate theatre. As our play relates the story, relive the atmosphere of the era and sing along to the songs from days gone by.

A new play with a few old songs by John Mangan

It is 1922 and Marie Lloyd is being given a benefit concert.  Quite unexpectedly, she is joined by her greatest rival, cross-dressing male-impersonator, Vesta Tilley. They have never been friends.

As the play moves between Marie’s dressing room and the music hall stage,  the audience learn not just about Marie’s amazing, if chequered, life, but also about Vesta, the Music Hall Strike of 1907, Marconi and even Dr Crippen. In this swift moving show, as well playing themselves, Vesta also becomes the men in Marie’s life and Marie becomes the other women.

In true Music Hall fashion, Marie and Vesta will sing many of their most famous songs (such as Don’t Dilly Dally, A Bit Of A Ruin That Cromwell Knocked About and Piccadilly Johnny) and joining in will be not only appreciated, but expected!

Take this unique opportunity to relive an era of Glory, Glitter and Gold.

Every performance by Miss Marie Lloyd is a Command Performance – by order of the British public!

Tickets available from the Box Office on 01543 452 119, online here or call in at Brownhills Activity Centre (Just off the Miner Island in Brownhills).

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3 Responses to Your chance to see The Little Bit The Boys Admire – this Saturday!

  1. This is the first time Brownhills has live entertainment on its door step since Hollaways Blood Tub in the early 30, s. I am lucky enough to have been to all the shows that have been put on here and every one has been great and worth every penny. Long may they continue.

  2. David Evans says:

    well said, Geoff
    kind regards

  3. aerreg says:

    hi geof maria martin in the red barn a pint in the top club a game of boals at the back that wonderful smell from the black smiths furnace the memo topt up with alice jones fish un chips LAS VAGERS EAT YOUR HEART OUT thanks for the memory god bless

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