In case you didn’t know it, Brownhills has a great poet – and he has a book out now!


You’ll have to move quickly as Ian’s books are selling out fast! Image from Ian Neville’s Facebook page.

You all know I like to support local authors and good causes here on the Brownhills Blog, and there’s a fascinating and wonderful project currently gathering steam in the community I’ve just got to share with you – it’s fantastic.

Familiar local lad and top bloke Ian Neville has written a book of poetry about his life which he’s self-published and is selling in aid of the Brownhills Remembrance Parade fund. Ian’s a lovely chap, and his work is fun, enjoyable and very heartfelt.

He wrote:

Hi Bob

As many of you may know the Remembrance Parade in Brownhills this year has to be self funded.

I have written a poem book entitled ‘The Ramblings of the Sanest Man I Know’ – most of the poems are about my life and how I try to keep good humored as i walk through life.

All proceeds from the book shall be going to fund the road closures for the said parade.

If anyone would like to purchase a book they are £10 either message Mae on Facebook here or write on my wall.

To read some of my work check out my Facebook wall.

Thank you in advance

Ian Neville

I’m so glad to hear about and share this wonderful thing – a true act of felicity and community from a thoroughly decent, kind and talented man who really deserves more exposure. To raise funds in this way for the Remembrance Parade is such a kind, wonderful thing, too.

What’s not to love?


Ian’s a well know local lad and top bloke! Image from his Facebook page.

If you want to purchase a copy, you can message Ian directly via Facebook here or comment here and I’ll hook you up. You can also mail me as usual on BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com.

If anyone from the local Legion or associated groups is tuned in, I’d be grateful if you could drop me a line with how people can donate directly to your fund, too – I’m sure there’s a few who will want to, as well as buying Ian’s book, of course.

I’ll leave the final word to Ian:


Do you ever stop and think how you walk your path
Are you always moaning or do you like a laugh
Do you say hello to every one you meet
Is meeting you on the road a burden or a treat

I think as i walk through life ill try to make others smile
I don’t think im a comedian or a singer in denial
I’m just a person the same as you who as good days and bad
But my mood should not be affect you i don’t want to make you sad

You see I learned some thing yesterday that will stay with me through time
To laugh and smile with all I meet that power is all mine
We laid a man to rest who had infectious happiness
I never heard of him causing harm a full church was my witness

So when you wake up grumpy paint a smile on your face
Go outside and say hello good morning human race
I’m here to live another day of laughter fun and work
I don’t want to be miserable I don’t want to be a jerk

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  1. Ade Reid says:

    Talk about a blast from the past.I knew Ian when we were growing up in Brownhills in the early 80s,we all used to hang around together.Me,Dez,Frankie Shaw.Reg and all the other cropped haired Brownhills lads.Never knew him as a poet then but was a good lad.He aint changed much just a little bit older as we all are.Hope people will buy his book,I certainly am gonna get a copy.All the best Ian..

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