An uncommon flight over Chasewater and Brownhills

Drone whizz, top photographer and former Brownhills lad Steve Martin has been kind enough once more to send me not one, but two batches of images this weekend of familiar places around the local area, photographed from an aerial point of view – this first, above, features some great shots of Chasewater, Brownhills Common and Birch Coppice.

Steve uses a professional-level DJI drone, and is very skilled in using it to obtain stunning images and video – his last gallery, of Brownhills by night, was immensely popular. A few months ago, I featured film and images Steve kindly shared from a daytime flight where he recreated a wonderful 1960s image of Brownhills as it is today.

Iknow Steve is also working on some very interesting video that will take your breath away – but I’ll hold back on the preview of that until it’s ready.

You can regularly see other examples of Steve’s work on his usual haunt, the popular and fascinating Old photos from Hednesford, Chadsmoor and Cannock group on Facebook,

Steve grew up in Brownhills where his family had the chip shop that used to be on the Lichfield Road, Brownhills for a while, and Steve has great memories of the Lichfield Road area, of which I’m still looking for old images if you know to any, please do get in touch.

Thanks to Steve for yet another beautiful gallery, and Steve is happy to talk about his work if you’re interested. You can hook up with him on Facebook here.

Comment here or mail me – BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Thanks.

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2 Responses to An uncommon flight over Chasewater and Brownhills

  1. stuart says:

    Cracking images again chaps. Looking at the canal basin,more so the area to the right of it along the footpath that leads to the bottom of paviors road from Chasetown. I was looking for any sign of the old cottages that you’ve mentioned before (Bloxhams lived in one) using a telegraph pole as a marker then going slightly right there is something odd in the trees that I can see on the one image but not the other,can anyone make it out? Can anyone remember the huge concrete wall that was part of the drift? I went in search of it a couple of years back and found a piece still above ground about 5ft x4ft hidden behind a bush,all of the land there had been backfilled up to it.There also used to be a bit of a small pond where water drained in to some kind of culvert also a brick tower which seemed to be some kind of ventilation shaft,bit of a dangerous place to play really as kids.

  2. aerreg says:

    hi steve re lichfield road i was born at 113 next door to mrs perry there was a dear elderly lady also mrs martin i also wrote a poem a walk down lichfield road some years ago recalling the folk who lived there if you would like a copy ime in the phone book it was my world until brenda and myself were wed is it alice woods old chippie you recall a mecca for fish and chips i my mind i can still see perce going by with his sack truck carrying fresh fish from brownhills railway station what could be nicer fish un chips soaked in viniger wraped up in the walsall observer happy days god bless

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