Sewage issues in Walsall Wood?


Image posted on twitter by the Environment Agency.

Unless you have no sense of smell, you can’t have failed to notice the persistent scent of the farmyard hanging over Walsall Wood and Clayhanger at the moment – it’s being caused by a problem at Clayhanger Sewage Works which technicians are working to fix.

The problem has led to temporary lights operating on Green Lane and quite a lot of plant traffic in the area – so take care if you travel that way.

The Walsall Advertiser is carrying the following report:

A POLLUTION problem has been caused by a problem with a pipe carrying sewage in Walsall.

The Environment Agency was at the scene in Camden Street, Walsall Wood earlier today (October 4).

They said they were assessing environmental impact and protecting the brook.

When approached by the Advertiser, Suzanne Ward from the Environment Agency said: “We were contacted by Severn Trent Water who informed us about a problem with a rising main pipe carrying sewage close to Swan and Swag Pools in Walsall Wood.

‘The Environment Agency sent officers to the scene to assess the environmental impact on the local water course and to work with Severn Trent to contain the pollution.

‘Our priority is to minimise any impact on the community and environment from the pollution.

‘We have had no reports of any dead fish, nor of any fish in distress. The Environment Agency is deploying aeration equipment as a precaution.

‘We will continue to monitor the situation. Anyone who sees fish in distress can call our incident Hotline on 0800 80 70 60.’

On the whole, we tend to take our sewage system – which is remarkably reliable – for granted and problems like this are very rare locally. My best wishes to the folk up to their knees in sewage working to fix things, and do remember not to bite your nails…

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