Many happy returns, Mr. Oakley…


That’s my kind of cake. Image from pics

I hear that a certain elder statesman of the blog commentariat has chalked up his 85th birthday!

Happy birthday to David Oakley, and long may he continue to illuminate the local history with his attention to detail, patience and remarkable memory.

Thanks so much, David.

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3 Responses to Many happy returns, Mr. Oakley…

  1. David Evans says:

    Happy Birthday David!
    Best wishes
    Young (!)) David

  2. aerreg says:

    from one wrinkly to another HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR OAKLEY HAVE A NICE DAY GOD BLESS FROM AER REG keep do in a bostin job thanks

  3. david oakley says:

    Hi Bob,
    Thanks Bob, and other blog friends for your kind wishes. Information apparently gleaned from Facebook entry. Wonderful cake, Bob, did you bake it yourself ? We older ones owe a lot to your blog, a wonderful pool of old memories, stirred up occasionally by a contributor and suddenly, the years fall away, and we are all youngsters again. Where else could we get that ?
    On the other hand, we’re not against the march of time, or science, and I have learned much that I never knew before, the knowledge and expertise of certain commentators had so much impressed and interested me, so the blog is magnificently balanced.
    Finally, the ‘public notices’. So much is happening in Brownhills and ‘the Wood’, so many interesting events being publicised, that my comments to the wife, “I’d go to that if I lived nearer “. Has become almost a daily happening.
    With grateful thanks.
    David Oakley.

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