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Anyone recognise the farm in the background? A wonderful family photograph from Keith Whitbrook.

Spinning out of the recent Norton Canes Historical Society 1975 article about the Norton Dame School which was donated by local historian Bill Mayo, reader Keith Whitbrook made a connected enquiry about his family history and the school, which I published last week – well, now Keith has added more information, including an interesting family photo.

You can read the original Dame School article here, or read a copy of the NCHS piece in PDF format by clicking here. It’s also worth noting that Paul Ford’s wonderful Wyrleyblog has also featured this subject,

Keith kindly sent me the above image, and said the following about it:

Hi Bob

I Found this photo in an old family album of my older sister with Grandmother Charlesworth at the old School House. My sister was born around 1933. Think the building in background would be the Pinfold Farm on the A5.

Can anyone expand on this please, or positively identify the farm?

Keith, there was some interest in your original article, but the researchers need some dates – or at least approximate ones – to kick things off. Can you help with those please?

If you can help, or have anything at all to add, please do – either comment here, or mail me – BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com.

 Thanks to Keith for a very interesting enquiry.

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3 Responses to Connected histories

  1. Derek G Slatcher says:

    That is defineately Pinfold farm I remember it well

  2. Derek G Slatcher says:

    My Grandmother was a Whitbrook, So we are probably related. I live in NEW South Wales Australia, Although born in parish of Norton Canes at Little Wyrley. I delivered milk to Mrs Hall who live in the old Dame school house in 1947/48. located at the top of School Lane.

    • Amanda Winter says:

      Hi Derek, I’ve just read your post, a little late! My mom was a Whitbrook, Doris the youngest child of Clara & Joseph Whitbrook. My mom was the youngest of 13 children born in 1931. Two remaining siblings are still alive my Aunty Vera who was 100 yrs old this September & my Aunty Joyce who is 95. They were born in Clayhanger, a village approx a mile from Brownhills.

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