A given name?

This looks like the old Walsall Wood Scholl on Street's Corner to me, but I'd be happy to be corrected. I think it's the shape of the door arches. Odd how some of the kid's look oddly timeless. Taken from 'Street names of Brownhills, Clayhanger, Shelfield & Walsall Wood' by Betty Fox and Walsall Local History Centre.

Children’s names and changes in society are fascinating. Andy Dennis continues studying data presented by the 1861 Census.  Image of Walsall Wood School taken from ‘Street names of Brownhills, Clayhanger, Shelfield & Walsall Wood’ by Betty Fox and Walsall Local History Centre.

Andy Dennis, a longstanding contributor and friend of the blog has been continuing his painstaking research into the data presented by the 1861 census, this time considering the names of Brownhills residents.

Andy is now also a blogger in his own right and his site is well worth a read – you can go check it out here. Andy’s blog is very detailed and packed with useful information – particularly for genealogists who’ll find Andy’s tips, views and methodology very helpful indeed.

If you have anything to add, please do – this is fascinating research which I’m proud and honoured to publish. Comment here or mail me: BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Cheers.

Andy wrote:

Hello Bob

Here is some more from the 1861 census. As you know, I have been beavering away on this topic for my own blog – see this post here for example  – and this is essentially a by-product.

brownhills 1861 names

The spread of names is interesting. Image supplied by Andy Dennis.

The attached pie charts show just how dominant the top few names were at that time. The under 21 chart was an attempt to compare my own ancestors with the general population, but the two sets of charts show that the trend in frequency of the most commonplace names in the first half of the nineteenth century was more or less flat.

I hope to do some more on 1901 to show just how much trends in first names changed.

brownhills 1861 u 21 names

Trends in naming tell us much about social change. Image supplied by Andy Dennis.

There are some interesting thoughts on names, both formal and informal, on a site called Peter’s Pursuits here and I wonder of any of you readers have experience of nicknames and pet names that differ from given names?


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    Well done Andy
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