Mirror, mirror


A great photo from David Evans showing the canal by Lindon Road, looking to Anchor Bridge and the pub, before the houses were built at Lindon Drive. not sure where David found it… but what a cracker!


A 1980s image from nearly the same viewpoint posted on Panoramio by Brownhills George.

Last week I brought to the attention of readers a couple of interesting images which I used to point out the fact that you can’t always take what you see in local history books at face value.

Further to that, the young David Evans has been in touch, with a wonderful photo that’s very interesting, but not quite the same… which kind of illustrates the issue!

Over to David:

Hi Bob

Some recent blog discussion regarding a possibly reversed image showing the new concrete houses in Lindon Drive, a haywain, the canal, Catshill bridge and two trees.

Please find attached another view of the same stretch of the canal, and the towpath, with Anchor bridge and Anchor Inn in the background, and the two trees. Catshill bridge is behind the photographer.

Kind regards

Thanks to David for that – love to have his input. Below is the image in question. This has been shown, printed from the wrong slide of the negative in at least one local history book, and I know several people own photographic prints of it in this format.


An iconic local history image showing great change – but it’s printed backwards. Image from ‘Memories of Brownhills Past’ by Clarice Mayo and Geoff Harrington.

The image is printed mirror image, and would be taken from about where Humphries House is today, looking up the canal (from the opposite side of the canal to the towpath) looking south to Catshill Junction Bridge.

This is hard to visualise at first, so I’ll flip it the correct way around.


The same image, flipped. Et voila!

Here’s a recent drone photo by local drone wizard Pete Hummings who’s got almost the same angle, from greater height.


A wonderful aerial image of Catshill Junction by Pete Hummings, looking south.

The clincher to this is the pylons in the background, which used to run through Catshill and over what is now Clayhanger Common – they were removed in the early 1990s.

Untitled 9

The viewpoint of the haywain photo is marked with arrows; the chain dotted line is the run of pylons across Catshill and what was then CLayhanger tip. 1:25,000 1960’s mapping from Ordnance Survey, from the National Library of Scotland archive. Click for a larger version.

Comments, clarifications? Am I wrong? Feel free – comment here or mail me: BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Cheers.

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4 Responses to Mirror, mirror

  1. Pedro says:

    Of course I wouldn’t blame the historians, it is easily done! There is a link below to a picture I placed on Panoramio and if you look at the first comment you can see that some cynical cyclist put me right!


    More Old Birmingham pictures can be seen here…


  2. Actually, as has just been argued to me, I am wrong about this, and for very, very good reason.

    See if you can spot it. I’ve been convinced of this for years, to the extent of printing an image out, and holding it up where I thought it was taken.

    It now seems I’m wrong, and there’s a brilliantly obvious reason why. I’m such a pillock sometimes.

    See if you can spot it. I’ll post a review post in a couple of days.

    Best wishes
    Bob 🙂

  3. Patrick Hall says:

    The Trap in the picture used to belong to my father Harold Hall. He used to raise cattle and chickens on that land and I used to play on that very Trap when I was a child.
    It was called Meadow Farm and we lived in one of the two cottages, 234 & 236 High Street, there. Sarah Hall, my grandmother lived in the other, both accessed down the lane behind Dunn & Hales garage.
    You are looking toward Catshill junction bridge not Anchor bridge. The land was compulsory purchased for the flats and concrete houses to be built on and we were evicted in 1964. One of the pylons ran close to our outside toilet, happy days

    • Thanks Patrick

      You’re quite right and I’ll do a post on why soon.

      It’s interesting in that if you reverse the image it fits from the viewpoint I thought apart from one big thing, which is rather obvious when you spot it.

      Oh well – great memory!

      Thank you

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