So what are today’s elections about, anyway?


Dave Walker – why voting is important.

So, it’s Thursday May 5th 2016, a polling day in the UK when in our area you get to vote for one of your local Councillors and for the next Police and Crime Commissioner.

I think it’s important to vote – even if you’re totally disillusioned, go and spoil a ballot to send a message. Our democracy may not be perfect, but our forbears fought for it and we owe it to them to use it.

I don’t care who you vote for – just vote, please.

If you’re a bit lost as to what all this is about, there’s a great explanation post over on Clayhanger’s Madwblog – non partisan, impartial, but clear and frank. I’m loving that blog.

Your vote does count. It’s a lovely day – take a stroll up to your local station and exercise your democratic right. If you don’t have a polling card, you can still vote: go here to find your polling station.

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The brilliant Madwblog explains who the polls are for, and why they’re happening. A great, non-political explanation. Click on the screenshot to read the whole post.

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