Do you remember Anchor Garage?


This is the only historical photo I know from the Anchor Garage – I would say this is late 80s to early 90s and was posted on Panoramio from the wonderful BrownhillsGeorge. I have no idea what’s going on, but it’s a great shot.

Here’s a good one for a Sunday – I’ve been asked about the history of Anchor Garage in Lindon Road, between Brownhills and Walsall Wood – it’s a very longstanding business, and I remember as a kid it sold petrol and did car repairs, whereas now, it’s just the latter.

Reader Maz has asked if anyone remembers the garage, and the man who owned it for a while – Bernard Bullock, who sadly passed away a few weeks ago.

Maz said:

Hey Bob.

Have you got any historical information on The Anchor Garage in Brownhills?

My friend Bernard Bullock owned that garage for a while. Sadly he died a few weeks ago. Just wanted to reminisce really, to see if anyone knew of him or even had any stories because he was a wonderful man who helped anyone with anything…

Thanks Bob

I know nothing about the place, but it is a very old local business, and I’d love to hear what you know. Please do comment here or mail me: BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Cheers – ant thanks to Maz for a great enquiry.

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18 Responses to Do you remember Anchor Garage?

  1. Norman Taylor. says:

    Hi Bob, I don’t know if its very helpful but I started my aprenticeship next door next door at Timings Tools in 1955 and that was a very busy garage then, it was when they used to come out and fill your car for you,
    Regards Norman Norton Canes.

  2. Anne Swain says:

    Hi. My Husbands uncle owned The Anchor Garage in the 1950’s. His name was James (Jim) Swain. He tragically died in a fire at the Garage in 1960

  3. Paul Cook says:

    hi very sad to read of bernards passing i knew him for many years.i remember i mot a mini for him only to fail it on the steering rack and he come and called me every thing but after he found the fault he come back and apologized that looks like my austin champ on the front.

  4. Craig neal says:

    1983 to 1987 I worked at RKG pressing and my dad worked at trimmings tools from 1970s if I can remember correctly Eddie mellor owned the garage when I was 18yrs old I’m 48 and his dad George mellor worked or at least turned up ,,, at trimmings tools
    Hope that helps ☺

    • Peter Mellor says:

      I’m afraid Eddie Mellar (notice correct spelling) never has owned Anchor Garage he only worked there for me Peter Mellor, current owner since 1986

  5. Gemma says:

    Hi there, I take my car there now and have done for the past 10 years. Pete Mellor owns it now with his partner Fran. Both lovely people, I don’t trust anyone else with my car.

  6. Rob says:

    I remember the Anchor Garage late 50’s/60’s I was only a kid, a very nice family didn’t remember name but reading from blog Mr & Mrs Swain were very nice the Lady had blond hair and he was a short bloke,I used to go down for paraffin remember Mr Swain swearing once only bloody or something but apologising ( Good od days I must have been 12/13 ) the boys were very pleasant too. Nice memories of them .

  7. Brian Clenton says:

    Many years ago Mr Swain owned the garage and died in tragic circumstances. I think that it must have been around 60 years ago and I was only a young boy , Mr Swain was apparently draining petroleum from a tank prior to welding the petrol tank, he was in the garage pit when the fuel ignited. I know that he died from his burns. Regards Brian Ckenton

    • Malcolm farmer says:

      Hi would you be the Brian Clenton ,of Clenton,s butchers of Lindon road.
      If yes my farther painted the abatwar.
      And your mom was a teacher at streets corner..

  8. Wendy Dance says:

    Such a shame. A wonderful man. He first had a car repair business at the back of his wife’s wool shop on Shannon drive. Brownhills west. His son nikki was a lotry driver. I used to run errands to the shop to get his dairy milk chocolate when I lived in Shannon drive. My dad and brothers took many a car to be repaired. When he was next to the police station in brownhills west he sprayed my Talbot sunbeam for me and made a good job of it. I think his wife’s name was Vera but not sure. Rip Bernard

    • xmazx says:

      Thanks for your wonderful comment Ade.
      Yes his wifes name is Vera and shes still alive at 96!! What a wonderful wonderful achievement

  9. Ade Reid says:

    I went to Brownhills Comp with a Tony Mellor who lived in Lindon Road in the mid 70s would he be part of the same family that owned or now owns the garage?

  10. Terri Palmer says:

    my uncle runs this garage.

  11. Brian Ansell says:

    The original Trotters plastic pig was bought by a fellow in Cannock, is this the actual vehicle do you think?

    • Maybe it is!? Is that what they call the Trotters van – Plastic Pigs? I think we all think there’s a sweetness to them though … I think? They’re kinda like car meets trike meets boat!!!??? 😹

  12. Sheepy says:

    This garage still run by fran n pete?

  13. Judith kendall says:

    Re anchor garage, was originally called Lindon road garage, built as a single story garage by my father in the late 40’s then a flat was built over garage where I lived with my mother and father James (jim) swain until terrible fire in the early 60’s Judith kendall

  14. Maurice Beamand says:

    I believe Ray Jones owned the business for a few years in the 70’s

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