It’s mega

This afternoon, somewhere around 5pm, this blog clocked up 3 million hits, a little over a year since we hit 2 million – the blog is 7 years old in May. I never thought I’d still be doing this today. At the moment we’re doing about 22,ooo per week.

This is pretty extraordinary for a poky, opinionated and ramshackle wee ramble about Brownhills, Walsall Wood and surrounds.

What makes it is you, the readers and the huge number of wonderful contributors, co-conspirators and people who help, shout encouragement or give me ideas. Thanks.

This blog is all about community. About belonging. About loving where we live, faults and all. As long as I have the energy, fresh ideas and help, this will continue.

Thanks to you all.

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22 Responses to It’s mega

  1. alvin cox says:

    keep it up you do a grand job

  2. Trevor says:

    Well done Bob Thanks for everything

  3. davidh936 says:


  4. That’s great Bob but do you ever reply to emails?

    • Hello.

      I haven’t received any email from the address you used to make this comment.

      If you’re the RAF Lichfield guy, you’ve sent me the same email three times since the 8th February containing a one sentence statement with no request, no idea what you’re after or explanation of who or what you are.

      If you want help, I will help you, but like most people, I need to know what you require and I respond better to politeness.

      Sending an identical email with ‘does anyone care’ appended doesn’t help. I care about lots of things. Explain what you need.

      I’m here to help, but I appreciate respect


      • The first email I sent you was
        Good morning

        My name is Jon Price (JP) and I am researching and promoting the history of RAF Lichfield.

        27 OTU used the bombing range at Cannock Chase and also had a storage airfield at Bagots Park & Hoar Cross. The unit also parented the formation of RAF Hixon.

        April 23rd 2016 is the 75th anniversary of the opening of 27 OTU at RAF Lichfield

        Please note the new Yahoo email address.

        I thank you Jon Price (JP)

        I thought that was self explanatory(and respectful) it seemed to be to everyone else. Sorry but I have limited time and I have been on here doing the RAF Lichfield website since 8,30 this morning!

        • Hi

          Yes, it states a bunch of stuff, but doesn’t actually say what you wanted. You didn’t say anything that suggested a reply was required, asked a question or asked me to run anything. Like about 60 other emails I receive a week, it informed me something was happening, in April, but mentioned no events or anything.

          So consequently, I noted it in my ‘interesting stuff to look out for’ file, and moved on.

          You then sent it again twice in a short period with ‘Does anyone care?’ appended – at which point you lost me totally.

          I am not the only local blog you’ve taken this line with.

          Please mail me again, explaining what you’d like me to do and I’ll do my best to fit it in. We all work hard old chap. I do a job, look after life in general and spend upwards of 25 hours a week on this blog. We do it out of love for our chosen topic. It all runs smoother if we communicate effectively, not by cryptic messages.


  5. David Evans says:

    Hi Bob
    congratulations on 3million….and a huge thanks for all the hard work you continue to put in to your excellent blog..wish there was a more suitable word than blog to properly describe your publication.
    all the best
    kind regards

  6. Ann Cross says:

    Fantastic! Thank you Bob.

  7. philcburton says:

    Hi William,
    Many congratulations on your 3 million and counting, your publications are a big part of the community especially for people such as myself now living away from the area, it keeps us up with the local news and also our past history and keeps us a part of the local family. I thank you and your excellent team for all your hard work in producing all the topics of interest that we can associate too and be apart of. Here’s to the next 7 years, Cheers mate to you and your team
    Kind Regards
    Phil Burton

  8. Martin says:

    Well done Bob keep the good work up, here’s to the next million.

  9. Dave (Eddy) Edwards says:

    Well done

  10. aerreg says:

    congratulations bob you are part of my daily life thanks for the happy you have given to me and many many people infact a dose of bob is just the job god bless you for what you do

  11. Clive says:

    You and the readers of the blog are doing a grand job Bob, heres to the next 3 million.

  12. Clive says:

    Nice one Bob, not forgeting all the contributors to the blog, here to the next 3 million hits.

  13. Graeme Fisher says:

    Oh shut up! You do a blog and people read it. Just because it’s relevant, riveting, worthy and wonderful…Thankyou

  14. stuart says:

    A beacon in a sea of media dross and if you ever wonder why you bother you now have three million reasons why,very well done chap!

  15. Bowk says:

    Hi Bob, Well done. I have only been a registered user of your blog for a few months but I have read your blog for a couple of years now and to see what you and your fellow bloggers put on the site is wonderful informative,helpfull and to see the bygon days in the pictures you put on just great.So well done and a BIG THANKYOU for keeping Brownhills and my part of town Walsall Wood in the know and heres to the next seven years good on ya CHEERS.

  16. Joe Headley says:

    Hi Bob, Congratulation, a marvellous achievement and a very significant milestone.

  17. Congratulations! Sorry that I’ve only just checked this one out, you know how it is. Keep on keeping on and doing all the good stuff that you do. You’re a national treasure!

  18. An amazing achievement 😃👏🙆 (:xxx

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