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Glider, as Dunn and Hale later became known, were a familiar sight in Brownhills, and a regular and well used operator of seaside tours for local folk. They were based ar what later became the Forward Garage, opposite the Ogley Road – High Street junction. Image from ‘Memories of Brownhills Past’ by Clarice Mayo and Geoff Harrington.

Yet another great contribution reaches me from the wonderful Reg ‘Aer Reg’ Fullelove via the young David Evans – and covers something we’ve not explored here on the blog – Dunn and Hale, the coach and bus operators who were based in Brownhills for years before being bought out by Harper Brothers of Cannock.

In latter years, they went under the name Glider Tours.

Reg supplied the following excellent image, and explained it to David:


Believed to be New Road, Brownhills – can anyone identify where, and what the sign says? A great image courtesy of Reg Fullelove.


Hi Bob

A pleasant afternoon cup of tea and chat with our own Mr Reg Fullelove BEM and an amazing photo. This shows Reg’s grandma with a younger lady Mrs Dunn, standing outside the Dunn and Hale office. Reg thinks the photo was taken in New Road Brownhills and very close to the junction with High Street, which is where his grandma lived.

The sign is interesting. Reg told me of the road licence that coach companies had to obtain in order to run on their designated routes; and how larger bus and coach companies bought out the smaller companies to secure their routes, in those pre-war times.

My thanks to Reg for yet this glimpse into another facet of life in Brownhills

Kind regard,

So your starter for ten is – come on folks, what do you know? My knowledge of busses in next to nothing, and my knowledge of Dunn and Hale even less. What does the sign say next to the door in Reg’s photo? Did you work for the company, or go on holiday with them? Were any of their drivers of staff particularly memorable characters? How about the ladies in the photo?

Oh, and Reg – please, you have a huge following on the blog. Feel free to comment my friend – we all love it when you do. Your input is so generous, warm hearted and spirited. You are always welcome. Thank you, you are what makes this blog what it is – never apologise for commenting. It makes my day when you do!

I did remember that Mike Leonard posted a picture on Panoramio of the Forward Garage in the late 80s/Early 90s as it was due to be reclad: it revealed a Dunn and Hale ghost sign. I hope this helps folks place the business.

I’m fascinated in this one, as I know so little about it. If can can add to the knowledge, please do: comment here or BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com.


Dunn and Hale haunted the Forward Garage, which still stands today. Over three grand for a Suzuki SJ413? Wow. Image from Mike Leonard and posted on Panoramio.

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  1. philcburton says:

    Great article Reg & Bob, Harpers bought out Dunn & Hale in March 1958, they purchased the Licences, goodwill & vehicles but not the premises. They carried on using the Glider logo for a few years so was known as Harper Glider, then in June 1960 they purchased A. T. Hastilow of Sutton Coldfield known as Tudor Rose Coaches, so the name then became Harper Glider Tudor Rose, eventually Glider & Tudor Rose was dropped but in 1967 Tudor Rose was made a Limited Company and three coaches were always registered to Tudor Rose Coaches Limited.

  2. philcburton says:

    Dunn & Hale also had a Lorry that they hired our besides the Coaches

  3. David Evans says:

    Hi Bob
    the article Mystery Tour shows a super char a banc….I wonder who owned this ?

  4. David Evans says:

    Hi Bob
    Jenny Langford’s postcard..
    Standing Room Only, shows another, “charabang”..at Rhyl..a card sent to Brownhills..Who owned this one..?

  5. Val Glenn says:

    Dunn & Hale ran a shuttle bus to Streetly Works from Brownhills late 40s through 50s as well as football coaches Tommy ? The driver well known in the area Joby Smith was the mechanic Harrold Higgins was also a driver better known as having the galleon fish chip shop. My father in law Tommy Glenn built the pair of houses next to the garage in 1931 living in one till 1968.The safe in the garage was blown buy burglers and cigarettes stolen mid 50s locals used the wind up telephone sited in the garage.

  6. Clive says:

    The sign on the wall states: FOR HIRE, CHAR-A- BANG, & MOTOR LORRY. the rest I can’t make out.

  7. David Evans says:

    Hi Bob
    I think there is a brief shot of the garage in the 1934 carnival film. I do remember the Walsall Wood Football Club away coach rides to foreign lands…Lye, Gornal, and others, in dim and distant days, when the driver was often given remedial ” neck oil ” on the return run through Lowrie-like streets and towns.. Was this a Dunne coach? Other special events included Sunday School days out., to Malvern Hills, to walk up a hill ,and to Rhyl with its ice cream and candyfloss Rhyl was more fun!
    kind regards

  8. lyn vale{chambers] says:

    Sammy dunn and Frank Hale were the owners sammy lived on Chester rd Shire Oak near the anchor bridge

  9. david oakley says:

    Dunn and Hale ran a public bus service from Aldridge, through to Brownhills and beyond, in the early 1930’s. The service was a two hour frequency, which meant it was a one coach service. The coach was quite luxurious by 1930 standards and on the rear was the coach name, ‘Silent Knight’, the name we ascribed to the service. When Harper Bros took over the service in late 1930’s, they used a bus with ‘Gloria de Luxe on the rear, so the new service became known as ‘The Gloria’.
    I was only a small child in the early 1930’s, but I remember catching the ‘Silent Knight’ with mom for a trip to Brownhills . I remember the luxury of the soft plush seats and the curtains at each window. Don’t know how many coaches Dunn and Hale had at the time, but ‘Silent Knight ‘ operated our particular service.

  10. aerreg says:

    one of the old time drivers had the affecional name of tom he was the regular blackpool run driver i believe his surname was was cumberlige if its of any interest to anyone i have three hand written a 4 sheets with details of where when and registrations of the harper fleet to many for me to type out but would wiilingly share god bless from aer reg

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  12. aerreg says:

    you have got my grey matter working again re dun and hale during there world there was another coach o charabang om the road at that time it was jacob holyman from shire oaks hill he transported the wesly choir on their many musical festivals he also had o lorry which converted with seats on the back was another form of transport i also recall the wildig brothers lorries were also used for this kind of transport yes the old lorries were part of every day life from delivering the mines allowance coal to moving home another well known one was billy booker come on great grandads surely you remember god bless

  13. Ray Share says:

    Yes Reg you are spot on the Webster brothers were coal merchants they used the lorries for removals Bill Batchlor was a driver for Dunn and Hale Hollimans kept their coach near the middle oak Reg,s gran lived in new road on the right facing the high street my first trip to the wolves was on a Dunn’s coach the coach garage was opposite ogled road there used to be a small chapel next door

  14. Reg Fullelove says:

    hi ray thanks for the memory ihave a lovely phot of gran standing by mrs dunn itheir office in new road do you remeber jimy foys shop on the corner good weather for apenny cornet at selwyn smiths all the bes

  15. Ray Share says:

    Hi Reg Selwin Smith the best ice cream ever they delivered to Clayhanger on a horse and cart Joe was the driver my uncle Sid Fullilove paid for mt icecream many times

  16. Reg Fullelove says:

    hi ray you have got the old grey matter going reminsing the old family george william none as bill uncle sid and my dad dave brothers four

  17. Ray Share says:

    Hi Reg uncle Sid was. Big influence he taught me to ride a bike and gave me his bike when he broke his leg while working at the pit I play football with young Ivor your cousin for the Wesley youth club happy times

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