Suffer the poor surveyors…


Apparently, surveyors are such delicate wee flowers that these steps are needed for them to get down the bank. I’ve ridden down steeper inclines offload on a road bike.

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve noticed a workboat moored at the back of European Heathyards on the canal just near Clayhanger Bridge – since there’s a lot of decaying and falling brickwork on the towpath, I was hoping it was finally being tackled.

Sadly, this isn’t the case.


The safety of the public is clearly of lesser importance than that of surveyors.

Over a few days last week, a flight of wooden framed, ballast filled steps has been built of the canal towpath down into the the marsh copse between the big house and new pond. The area is not crossed by footpaths, and is mostly bog. I know a lot of wildlife takes refuge there, as humans don’t generally have access.

Despairing it might be some kind of nature trail or other scheme, I swung past yesterday morning hoping to catch the work crew, who are from the Canal and River Trust. I was fortunate enough to see them to ask about the purpose of the steps.

They have been installed, the crew informed me, in order that surveyors can get to the foot of the embankment to survey it’s condition.


Several instances of cavities like this between Pier Street Bridge and the Black Cock Bridge have been repeatedly reported for two years. To no response whatsoever.

Yes, you read that correctly. A week of work, to put in steps. So surveyors don’t have to scramble down a bank. Meanwhile, 10 metres away, a trip hazard still lurks unfixed at the drain sluice, and nearby, there are foot-swallowing fissures where the edging brickwork has fallen away from the bank.

The Canal and River Trust keep complaining they have no money for repairs and maintenance. I can actually see why now. This is risible.

Since I spoke to the crew, a handrail has been installed. I hope it’s been sanded, because splinters are painful.


This workboat has come and gone for around a week.


They’ll need to sweep that down a bit. Trip hazard.

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7 Responses to Suffer the poor surveyors…

  1. FB. Lycett says:

    Sounds about right!, take a look at the CRT vacancies listed on Indeed agency, some of the job titles and purposes, not to mention the salaries offered are beyond belief, the odd one that makes sense with a good salary, would I venture to say, could not be done in the 37 hr. week alotted, too many chiefs and not enough indians and that is before any practical work is done, I could go on ……..but, horses are difficult to catch once out of the gate

  2. Edwina. says:

    Well let’s just hope that the poor little munchkins fall down that blooming big hole that is at the side of the canal … But I fear no such luck!!!

  3. john snape says:

    I reported the Catshill junction canal bridge needed some repair on the 26 feb 14, for those who don`t know theres a least a 12 inch drop you have to step down to use the towpath. i have emailed the canal and river trust many times and they agree it does need repairing,i have been been assured it will be done in the next couple of weeks many times since i reported it, the last time was 4 weeks ago, i have been told it`s on the high priority list months ago, perhaps the surveyor could have a look at this on the way this is a bigger trip hazard than is new steps.

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