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Sixpence? Blimey, it wasn’t cheap! But loads to read. Thanks to David Evans for the scans and generosity.

A brief, off-topic one from the young David Evans, who bought a whole bunch of 1940s Meccano magazines from a bookseller in Lichfield recently – David was so endeared by them, he scanned them and sent them to me.

I’m happy to feature these here if folk are interested; they’re a wonderful period piece, and I’m sure many of the readers here – male and female – enjoyed making stuff with Mecanno, Philiform, Lego and construction sets like it when we were kids.

The ever-present shadow of the war is clearly evident in these, too.

Thanks to David for yet another curious piece of communal history.

I’ve really enjoyed reading these, please let me know what you think – comment here, or BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Cheers!

Download Meccano magazine July 1945 in PDF format here.

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11 Responses to Getting to the nuts and bolts of it

  1. morturn says:

    Excelent, I could do Meccano before I could read

  2. I started reading these in the mid/late 1950s. I could not get enough of the “wonders of technology” and these were my main source.

    At the time there were not many other options available, and even these I got hold of third hand – the average Brownhills boy could not budget for The Beano and this!

  3. Pedro says:

    Webley and Scott Ltd, Birmingham… Guns will be better than ever! Finally in liquidation 2011.

    The BSA advert. Imagine the courageous Wesleyan Missionaries riding their BSA bikes around Fiji and converting the cannibals.

  4. ivor230240 says:

    This brings back many memories. neither I nor my parents I could never afford this magazine but from time to time in the early post 2nd World War years would receive a meccano kit at Christmas. The trouble is most of them were no stand alone which meant I couldn’t make much with the bits I had and there was not much I could do with them either. I did manage to afford to buy the occasional Frog Balsa wood mode aircraftl, most memorable and loved of all a Spitfire. I think I got it from the large toy shop, (Princeps?)

  5. Clive says:

    My parent could only afford the basic kits for us kids, i envied the kids that had the posh kits they had more parts and motors with gearing. But i still had many hours of fun though.
    Cheers Dave and Bob

  6. peter says:

    I read the magazine and instantly wanted to have lashings of Ginger Beer…………… I’d love to see more.


  7. Mick P says:

    Utterly wonderful – many thanks for making this available. But four ducks on the cover? Am I missing something?

  8. David Evans says:

    Hi Bob
    I wonder who the Duck artist was, and if the cricket tests vs Australia had restarted postwar.
    Come in Pedro!

    • Pedro says:

      Maybe this chap?

      “The illustration is of a block setting crane and is by W.H.Pinyon an illustrator who’s work was commissioned by the Meccano company for their cover designs and advertising over many years. The crane illustration was used on manuals from 1948 – 1955.”

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