It’s the season, innit?


Impressive dedication. From the Full Hands Blog… click through for true cycle seasonal heroism.

Please bear with me folks: it’s that time of year and I’m rushed off my feet with a number of work and personal things so posting will be a bit erratic for a couple of days while I get Christmas sorted and stuff organised.

Hang in there though, because I’ve got great material to come from David Evans, Andy Dennis, Bill Shaw, Peter Cutler, Gerald Reece and others, as well as some mappy goodness and other bits and pieces.

I particularly invite Christmas related submissions from readers: what was Christmas past like in Brownhills and Walsall Wood? Did you visit Father Christmas at Walsall Co-op? Remember perhaps the pubs and clubs of the area? What was school like at this time of year when you were a kid?

Not much Christmas material in the archives, so I’d love to share your memories.

This year the infamous New Year Quiz will be bigger, better and more obscure that ever, and I’m keen on suggestions for questions for inclusion: send me some in and if your question goes unanswered the longest, you can win a prize.

It can be historic, current, photographic or blog related. Send yours to the usual address: BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com.

As ever, there will be prizes of Brownhills Ale, books and other goodies to win, and I plan this year to confound even Tony Jakeman, last year’s undisputed champion.

Cheers to all for submissions, and seasons greetings to all. Now, on with the preparations…

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  1. Pedro says:

    It was Christmas day at the Workhouse

    Lichfield… Xmas 1877…”we are glad to notice that our local board of Guardians is awakening to the nuisance to pedestrians in the neighbourhood of the workhouse, by the loitering of tramps awaiting admission to the wards. The fact is that the men and women stay about the place for hours, and however well they conduct themselves, they are most certainly a very great nuisance to passers by….

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