Ravens Court – Something is happening, but what?


Something happening at last? Let’s hope so. It’s a shithole.

Just a short enquiry – lots of folk have asked me this weekend what’s going on with Ravens Court, the derelict precinct in the centre of Brownhills, as surveyors and wonks in suits have been seen milling around, opening up closed units and so forth.

Thanks to Julia for the above tipoff.

I have some clues, but not much and the folk who do know would rather tease that open up.

There is an apparently baseless rumour of Poundland moving in. Nice try, but I doubt that very much. What we do know is that Walsall Council have been pushing hard and have applied just about all the legal pressure they could.

Remember, Ravens Court is privately owned.

Anyone have any hard information? Contact me in absolute confidence on BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com.


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3 Responses to Ravens Court – Something is happening, but what?

  1. John Hall says:

    Pity that it wasn’t knocked down the week after it opened.
    We need a good job this time

  2. spuddy says:

    Is there any more news about Ravens Court?

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