Holland Park play area damaged by fire

This surface is new, and will be costly to repar. Image supplied by Rose Maria Burnell.

Hey people – this is why we can’t have nice things.

Freind of the blog, Chasewater Stroller and mum to the wonderful Ed, Rose Maria Burnell dropped me a message on Facebook at the weekend that upon visiting the play area in a Holland Park, Brownhills on Monday (5th May 2014), the gates to the equipment were locked and there was fire damage to the newly installed safety surface.

This is inexcusable. The park has just been refurbished and rangers like the ace Gareth Perrins-Seddhouse work very hard indeed to keep everything in good working order, despite large cuts in budgets and resources.

Mindless. Image from Rose Maria Burnell.

If you have any info about this incident, for instance if you saw anyone light a fire or know who the vandals are, please do contact local police on 101, or drop me a line and I’ll pass the information on. BrownhilsBob at googlemail dot com.

Arseholes, they are.

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  1. Sam says:

    Really angry about this, what is wrong with people that they have to damage a kids play area! Fuming.

  2. Bloody awful. I maybe getting old but even as a young person i never did understand wanton vandalism and destruction. There were trees planted along the Walsall Road, Aldridge on the right hand side as you approach Longwood Bridge. Every single one of them has been hacked in half in the last few days. They will die now.

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