Beyond these roads, out of the darkness.

Thanks to Susan Marie Ward who nudged me on Facebook last night – this blog is five years old today. Thanks to all of you who’ve been around from the start – there’s a lot of those – and all who joined me along the way.

It’s not the oldest blog in these parts by a long stretch – think that one goes to The Stymaster, who definitely inspired me.

It’s been hard at times, but it’s a fun thing to do, and I love to find stuff to challenge and interest readers.

2,256 posts. 13,976 comments. 1,355,596 hits (355,596 of those since the beginning of last December). A great community of participants and commentors, and an awful lot of stuff.

Thanks everyone. I first registered the blog end of April, 2009, but it took me a few days to get my head around. I then started carefully, reblogging Politics Penguin.

Two days later, I started finding my feet with a ride into the Peak District (it was a century, and I never mentioned it). Then Mark from the ubiquitous, wonderful YamYam found me – and I found his site. The rest is history, and you can see the first month here. Most of it makes me wince with embarassment, to be honest; but I can see the start of several threads that grew into what’s here now. Local history. Chasewater. A bit of local current affairs. The genesis of 365daysofbiking was clearly in there from the get-go.

My style evolved, I got better with images, and maybe writing. It’s odd reading that stuff now, I can tell you.

All I can say is what I said on 365daysofbiking a few weeks ago: I never thought I’d still be here today. But I’ll keep it going as long as there’s interest.

Thanks for coming with me.


I love this place with all of my heart. I have no bloody idea why.

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16 Responses to Five

  1. Trev (Hovis) Brown says:

    Thank you Bob from the colonies

  2. andyropes7 says:

    Happy blog day Bob
    Keep it going it’s fantastic communication for the communities

  3. stymaster says:

    Five years? Where’s that gone?

    I remember first finding this blog while spending far too much time on the Internet just a few days after it appeared, and thinking “thank $deity for that, another local blogger”, and happily linking it. It’s become part of my daily reading, along with 365daysofbiking, and has become one of, if not *the* local community focus for the web round here. Something you should be proud of.

  4. In the ephemeral world of the Interweb, five years is a huge achievement. And as for the Bob-hours you put into the project, week in, week out – it’s good to let you know it’s appreciated. Here’s to the next 5.

  5. pebar says:

    Congratulations Bob. I like the bit where you remind us to put the bins out.

  6. David Evans says:

    HI Bob
    many well-deserved congratulations… and thanks for all you do to put light in the miner’s lamp
    kind regards

  7. Martin says:

    Well done Bob always a pleasure to read long may it go on.
    Kind Regards,

  8. John Anslow says:

    Congratulations, Bob; it’s always a great pleasure to read your blog: it’s constructive, troll-free, never self-opinionated and manages to get so many people actively contributing to the life and history of the area. I don’t know how you find the time and energy to maintain it and notice that many new posts appear in the early hours of the morning: I do hope you manage a little rest every now and again.

  9. Dave (Eddy) Edwards says:

    Well done….Happy Blogday
    Thanks for the hard work, I very rarely miss a day.
    Here,s to the next 5

    Dave (Eddy) Edwards

  10. Peter says:

    5 years bloody hell! I honestly don”t know where you get the drive and enthusiasm from, really I don’t. Glad that you do of course, keeping it local, keeping it fresh, keeping it clean and keeping it topical is obviously working judging by the number of views it receives!
    Contributors to the blog are to be congratulated as well, I do enjoy the “opening of a can of worms” or “poking the hornets nest with a big stick” approach sometimes as it really gets things going with the local community.
    Congratulations on the 1st 5 years, very much looking forward to the next 5 years!

    Keep up the good work…………


  11. caz says:

    Congratulations…. doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun. Thanks to you and many others for all the work you put in keeping history alive and informing us of whats happening in the future too.
    best wishes Caz

  12. ivor230240 says:

    Congratulations on your fifth anniversary, thanks for sticking at it. I look forward to your blogs every day. I needed to move away from Brownhills in 1959 and have moved around the country with my “job.” I have retired to Wolverhampton to be near my family but I retain a keen interest in and have great affection for Brownhills. Your posts help me to keep in touch with memories of my younger days. Thank you.

  13. Clive says:

    Happy Birthday Blog, cheers Bob for all the hard work, and all the Blogger that have helped to make it a great place to dwell.

  14. Ann Cross says:

    Thank you Bob, I really appreciate all you do. long may you continue!

  15. Graeme Fisher says:

    One day I shall hunt you down and shake your hand. Thanks.

  16. stuart cowley says:

    I’ve been away so only just catching up but can only repeat what everyone has said already, your hard work is very much appreciated and you should be very proud of what you have achieved chap.

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