Urgent – Detectives investigate after girl grabbed in Brownhills

Just received this appeal from Walsall Police. Excuse the rough post quality, I’ll neaten it up later, but right now it’s more important to get the message out.

POLICE in Walsall have released CCTV of a young man wanted after a girl was grabbed.

The lad who is described as smelling of ‘weed’ is caught on camera grabbing an 11-year-old local girl as she walked home.

Following a brief struggle the girl broke free and ran-off to alert her parents who then called police.

The incident took place at around 7.45pm on Saturday 20 July as the girl walked home alone from Holland Park.

The youngster had crossed over the A452 Chester Road and cut between two blocks of low-rise flats when the lad, who she had earlier spotted walking towards the Hussey pub, suddenly appeared behind her and attempted to talk to her.

The girl ignored the young man and tried to continue on her way but was grabbed by the lad who then started pulling at her.

Scared, the girl shouted and managed to wriggle free from his grasp on her wrist. The girl then ran home where her parents called police at 8.30pm.

Although the girl wasn’t physically injured she is currently too scared to play out. Officers specially trained in dealing young victims of crimes continue to support the girl and her family.

Detective Inspector Annie O’Grady, from the force’s Public Protection Unit, is leading the investigation. She said: “This is an unusual incident which has been captured on camera.

‘What the lad was trying to achieve by grabbing the girl remains unclear but there is now an opportunity for him to contact us and explain.

‘I would also be very keen to hear from anyone who can name the young man in the CCTV or who saw him in the moments before or after the incident.’

The lad is described by the girl as white, average build and around 5’2″ tall. He had brown eyes, shaved hair and was wearing a white, green and brown stripped t-shirt with shorts. The girl said that the lad’s breath smelled of weed (which she describes as being a mix of tobacco cocaine). He is thought to be in his teens to early 20s.

House to house enquiries have been conducted and CCTV footage secured. Officers continue to patrol the area in both uniform and plain clothes.

Anyone with information which may aid DI O’Grady’s investigation should call her on 101. Alternatively, people who do not want to speak with police officers directly can contact the independent crime fighting charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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