On the third day…

Last collection of ride photos for a while, I promise. Today, I went out to Hints, via Canwell, then on to Fazeley and the canal, which I rode until Polesworth. Hopping off the canal there, I rode through Warton to Orton on the Hill, then over to Little Orton, down the ancient track of Salt Street over Appleby Hill. Emerging at No Man’s Heath, I took in Honey Hill, Chilcote, Netherseal, Grangewood, Coton in the Elms and Catton. Returning via Whitemore Haye and Whittington, a great 67 mile ride in blistering sunshine.

If summer ends now, we had a good one right there. But I’d rather it didn’t. It has been a weekend of great rides, wonderful scenery and little wind. It doesn’t get much better, frankly.

Many of these locations will chime with Peter Cutler, who’s walked many of these spots before.

For more of this stuff, please check out my 365daysofbiking journal

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  1. Pedro says:

    On the Third Day…Electric Light Orchestra

    …by the end of the third day God has created a foundational environment of light, heavens, seas and earth

  2. Andy Dennis says:

    I seem to recall, very hazily, there was a gibbet post beside Salt Street, at the high point between No Man’s Heath and Clifton Campville.

    Nice route, that. I guess a lot of people don’t realise such pleasant countryside exists so close to home.

  3. Brenda Ward says:

    We are so lucky living in the Midlands we have all we need all around us!

  4. David Evans says:

    Hi Bob
    thanks for the beautiful photos !

  5. Pedro says:

    Hi Bob,

    Brings back some memories! For anyone interested the 19 photos (a little out of order at the end) of a walk from Park Lane near Black Brook, across the M6 Toll to Hints and Weeford, can be seen below. click on arrows to move..


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