While we’re in an inquisitive mood…

I found this image on Tumblr the other day. I don’t recognise it as Walsall. Is it? If so, where? I don’t recognise the oblique junction at all.

Further, why are people taking perfectly smart historical images, and vandalising them with crap typography?


Don’t recognise the bridge, basin or wide open space. Pelsall, perhaps? Click for a larger version.

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4 Responses to While we’re in an inquisitive mood…

  1. ziksby says:

    Take a look behind Whitalls Wines on the Darlaston Road

  2. Fred B Lycett says:

    James Bridge copper works 1928 airial photograph, the basin is now mostly filled and formed the cooling water supply

  3. Cheers, lads, you’re quite right, of course.
    I had no idea, and couldn’t get Pelsall out of my mind.
    Once Fred mentioned 1928, I headed for the Aerofilms archive, and…
    Some great explanatory notes, and no horrid typography!

    Happy new year, lads

  4. Great! If this is a postcard, I would love to read what greeting or news is on the reverse side.

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