The wizards of Aus…

Yesterday, a beautiful thing happened on the blog while I was busy, largely getting muddy on Cannock Chase (3 times now I’ve frozen my bits off in darkened, wet woodland, and still not a picture of a badger to show).

Before I left the house, I posted forward a query from Australian Kesa about her family roots in Brownhills, and the sleuthing trio of Andy Dennis, David Evans and Peter ‘Pedro’ Cutler aced it all day. The material they found, and the kindness and dedication they showed in doing so was just why I love doing this, and why it seems to be a good resource.

Gentlemen, and Kesa, I salute you all.

I get very confused about religious history and the various sects, and genealogy isn’t my particular bag either. It’s a shining illustration of teamwork and community spirit that experts come together to help folk out in this way.

The only thing that bothers me slightly is it seems to indicate that the blog works better when I leave it along and ride my bike instead…

Anyway, just to catch up, Peter Cutler sent the following clips for Kesa from the Friday, 23 May 1903 edition of the Lichfield Mercury, fresh from the archive. I know he’s already transcribed them, but they’re nice to have.

To Kesa: anything else we can do, please ask.

Untitled 5

From the Lichfield Mercury, 23rd May 1903. Click for a larger version.

Untitled 6

From the Lichfield Mercury, 23rd May 1903. Click for a larger version.

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  1. Kesa says:

    I have been overwhelmed by the help you have all given. It has been a terrific help to my research, I find it amazing how much information about family and friends travelled between Australia and England given the distance and the times. I have found a photo of William and Emma Bradley the couple to whom the article speaks if you would like a copy please let me know.
    From what I have found the Bradley have remained in the Brownhills (Arthur And Martha Ann Bradley nee Beards , Norton Canes(J.B and Eliza Cocharyn nee Bradley) and Bloxhill areas.

    Bob the blog functions because of you and has attracted these great people it has because of you.
    I am sitting here Tasmania Australia watching the Fireworks as they explode over London Eye as Big Ben Chimes Live on Television. Whilst reply on a blog in England how amazing is the World.
    Thank you Bob providing me the opportunity to ask and find out.

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