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A local postcard from 1914, as found by Desmond Burton. Postcards were very much the social media of the period, with very regular postal deliveries. Postcards were issued of all kinds of unlikely paces - cemeteries, asylums, sanatoria - no subject too grim for a card. Presumably, this must have been a promotional for the hotel at the time.

When I saw this, I just had to share it. Yesterday, Desmond Burton posted this above scan of a postcard on The Stonnall Local History Group on Facebook. Desmond said this about the card:

Local holiday resort! Not quite Stonnall but near enough – a postcard sent in 1914, bought at a postcard fair in Colwyn Bay today!

Later, he added:

Message on the back reads: Have arrived safely, it is simply lovely to be out. Take care of yourself, hope you are feeling better. Love from Sarah. It is addressed to: Mrs Clutton, Trysull Manor, Nr Wolverhampton. Postmarked: Lichfield 9.45PM, 25 AP 14

If you’re not aware of it, do pop along to the The Stonnall Local History Group, they really are some great people there. It’s a delight.

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