A touch of glass

An interesting bit of Brownhills history, picture supplied by Jim Fletcher.

Further to the picture of the bottles found by an anonymous reader posted last weekend, reader Jim Fletcher sent me the above remarkable picture. It’s a bottle from the Roberts brewery, which was based at the Station Hotel. William Roberts was a hugely important character in Brownhills history, being a businessman, hotelier, brewer and philanthropist. Windows from the Roberts brewery can still be seen at a couple of local pubs. I’m really chuffed that this bottle survived. I wonder where it is now?

Jim said:

Hi Bob

I found this picture on the net ages ago of a William Roberts bottle with his stream train logo on it. I think it came from a car boot sale in Cannock.

I also had this message from Brian Stringer, The Clayhanger Kid:

Hi Bob,

I’ve got a few bottles myself from this site, which has been ruined by a lot of bottles being thrown around and smashed, although I suppose some could have been damaged during the dig.

The one on the left [In the previously published picture] is a Pattersons of Glasgow camp coffee bottle. I have also got two different sizes of Daddies Favourite Sauce, and a Scotts Emulsion bottle.

I’d love to know the history of this site, because it’s so near to a main road and the bottles are lying in what seems like a soft slag heap and are so easy to dig out. I hope somebody can come up with more.



[Howmuch?] believes the site in question may have been a Victorian rubbish tip, which I guess makes sense. It certainly was a slag heap for a while, I think. If anyone has anything to add, please do drop me a line.

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  1. I have quite a good collection of Tamworth related bottles including Morgans Brewery and James Eadie Brewery ( from Burton on Trent but paid for and built Fazeley Parish Hall).

    I just wish I had some of the paper labels from them as a few months ago a Morgans brewery label sold on E-bay for an amazing £98 but then another one appeared a couple of months later and went for an eye watering £197, but I suppose there can be only a few of these rare items left.

  2. steve cottle says:

    having lived in the area as a kid we all did it on a sunday afternoon its now superseeded by beating the crap out of everything eh !!!!!!

  3. steve cottle says:

    someone please give me the link to bob to upload pics !!! thanks

  4. Hi Steve!

    You can email them to me brownhillsbob at googlemail dot com, cheers!

    I’m bob brownhills on Facebook, and @brownhillsbob on twitter.


  5. steve cottle says:

    thanks bob done :o)

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  7. Pedro says:

    Lovely bottle and a piece of history. Years ago you could get money back on the bottles, but from the comments above I wish I had saved a few!

    Found this brick in the garden, over 110 years since the Company closed. The traces of the works can still be seen in the woodland on the Orton Hills.


    Regards Pedro

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  9. Maria Harper says:

    Hi there I am interested in these bottles that you can find local to brownhills. Can anybody tell me the name of the slag heap site and it’s location and if it still exsists?
    Thankyou maria

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