How did that happen?

I see at the weekend, this blog hit count passed the 100,000 mark, less than two years after my first proper posting on the 4th May 2009. Considering the fact that this is a purely amateur enterprise, generally concerned with a very narrow geographic area, I find it baffling and scary that my daft ramblings seem to be read by so many. I’d like to thank all you readers – regulars and newcomers alike – for your interest.

Most of all, I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Mark at The YamYam, for tirelessly featuring my posts on Walsall’s very own news hub. Without Mark’s encouragement, patience and good grace I wouldn’t still be doing this. Thanks, old chap.

Cheers everyone…

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7 Responses to How did that happen?

  1. JeepBoy says:

    Here’s to the next 100k – thanks a million Bob

  2. Richard Burnell says:

    Sensational stuff, well done!

  3. martin says:

    well done, it as been nice to read about the northern wastes of walsall, good reading and may it go on for many years

  4. Mark says:

    Congratulations on passing the 100k Bob.

    Thanks for your thanks, for keeping us entertained and informed through such a terrific variety and volume of articles – and for showing us all how a good blog should be done.

    The northern wastes lay waste no more – as you continue to pedal us through the missing cultural chapters of the effluent society…

  5. David Edwards says:

    Well done bob.

    Wow! & Congrats !! Here’s to the next thousand…

    We have had a wonderful journey around The northern wastes these past few years, long may it continue.

  6. CAZ says:

    Well done…and best wishes for the next 100,000.
    let’s hope all news in the future is good news?
    yes….. l am an optimist.either way,on this blog, l’m sure it will be interesting.

  7. stymaster says:

    There’s a simple reason for the hits: there’s stuff people want to read here: stuff that’s informative, useful, well researched and well written.

    The YamYam definitely helps drive traffic (judging by comments for me, as I’ve just not got round to running hit stats), but if it wasn’t worth reading, people would soon give up.

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