Baby, it’s cold outside…

I like to cycle when it snows. There’s something magical about it – and since I’m rocking snow tyres, black ice, frozen ruts and compacted snow are no problem to ride on. This afternoon, I took a ride across Cannock Chase from Hednesford, down to Birches Valley, up Penkridge Bank, round by the old rifle range, and down Abraham’s Valley, through Seven Springs and into Little Haywood, returning via Rugeley, Longdon and Burntwood. I saw hardly anyone on the Chase, and only a handful of cars in the rural back lanes, which were pretty much impassible to all but four-wheel drive vehicles.

It was, however, a beautiful but arduous journey. As winter draws on, I’m beginning to enjoy it more. Bring it on!

The site of RAF Hednesford, deserted at 2:30pm, Saturday, 18th December 2010.

Fallow deer hinds lose interest in the cyclist guy when they realise he's go no carrots. Kingsley Wood Road, Penkridge Bank. 329pm, Saturday, 18th December 2010.

A long climb up Kingsley Wood Road to Rifle Range Corner is rewarded with a pleasant sunset. 3:38pm, Saturday, 18th December 2010.

The drop into Abraham's Valley from Wolseley Plain is even more challenging than usual. Few people have come down here today. 3:57pm, Saturday, 18th December 2010.

The evening light held on as the sky cleared and the cold set in. Abraham's Valley was as deserted and untouched as I'd hoped. 4:09pm, Saturday, 18t December 2010.

The lights of Little Haywood came on slowly as I took a breather on Weetman's Bridge. 4.23pm, Saturday, 18th December 2010.

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  1. Mick_P says:

    Beautiful pics Bob, as ever. The current Mrs P and I are hoping to fly over on the 23rd to spend Christmas and New Year with family and friends in Pelsall, Brownhills and beyond. Fingers crossed that the journey will be viable.

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  6. yvonne Glover (nee Weetman) says:

    The photos look lovely. I am visiting Penkridge and Weetman’s bridge soon. My Grandfather/Great Grandfather etc and all the Weetman relations were scattered around this area of Penkridge.
    I am also a Weetman. I would be grateful if anyone knows about the Weetman family to contact me.

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