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Spotted last night at Shute Hill near Burntwood - lots of evidence of cars loosing control. Take care.

The weather is poor, the roads are icy. Please think hard before using back lanes and untreated roads and bear in mind that the council have gritted (and Walsall have been doing a great job of it, they really have), but grit does not work well below -5 and stops being effective at all at about -8 degrees C. Rock salt is not magic and doesn’t have the properties of pixie dust. The best advice recently has been from The Stymaster – to get winter tyres on. Take care, take it slow, and if you can, leave the car at home.

In the meantime, keep following Kevin the Weather at the Hammerwich Weather Station. This weekend – as usual – his forecasts have been far more accurate than those of the BBC. Kevin does stirling work and deserves a wider exposure.

While we’re on the subject, sine it’s Christmas it’s now legally acceptable to punch on the chin anyone who glibly says ‘Global warming, hah!’ before coming over all smug. Under the Geneva Convention you are allowed to pin them down using any means available and explain at some length the difference between ‘weather’ and ‘climate’, at least until Boxing Day.

Observations made 08:19 hours Hammerwich, Staffordshire. Air pressure : 993mb Temperature : -6.1c Wind : 1Kmh (NE) Relative humidity :96% Forecast : Overnight we had temperature of around -10c and, therefore, the fallen snow is now hard and icy.  This does not lead to good underfoot conditions.  It is another day of “stay inside if you can”. We are unlikely to see a return of the snow fall we received yesterday and instead we will see some much b … Read More

via Hammerwich Weather and News

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  1. Nick says:

    Over here we use studded tyres ofcourse..but they ‘grit’ the roads with sand which is ‘steam spread’ onto the road/ice…it freezes in place immediately…. (just a useless piece of ).. Get the sledge out..!

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